DIY - Centipede in Epoxy Resin with Brazilian Cherry Base - Honolulu Hawaii

in diy •  last month 


One of my coworkers is moving back to the mainland at the end of the week. He has this thing about centipedes as some how centipedes find there way into our office which is on the ground floor in downtown Honolulu Hawaii. It doesn't matter whether we have pest control companies come every week there is a centipede found in our office.

Our coworker total freaks out about them. So in honor of his leaving we decided to make a gift for him. We found a big centipede, which was dead. I took it home and started the casting process. I had to do it in three pours because after the base pour the next pour floated the centipede. Thus I had to put a second pour down to just set the centipede. Once that cured I made the final pour.

This pour was so thick so it took a while to cure. Once it cured I made the base out of some Brazilian Cherry wood I had as scrap.

When we presented the centipede to him our other coworkers were freaking out. It was funny.

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