DIY - Urban Gardening - Modifications to our Hydroponic System - Honolulu Hawaii

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We worked on our Hydroponic System today. We lengthened the pipe that connects from the top row to the bottom row. The problem was that this system was made in China and the PVC is in metric so the closest thing we could buy is 3/4" PVC.

In order to get it to fit we wrapped the connectors with painters tape. It fit well and there were no leaks so we did not have to glue it up.

We emptied out the water and mixed a new batch. The problem is the PH drops considerably once we add the nutrients. We went to the market to get some Baking Soda to raise the PH.

There is a film on the surface of the water that we have no seen before. We will see how the plants take it. They plants do not look as good as they did outside. I don't know if this is because the plants were damaged from the high temperature of the water.

We will have to see how this goes.

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