DIY - Urban Gardening - Our Cilantro Pot - Honolulu Hawaii

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Here is a picture of our Cilantro (Chinese Parsley) pot. I have had a run of bad luck with Cilantro in the last year in that they would not grow to any size and often died. I was attributing this to something in the water. I was sprouting them in either Rock Wool or Peat Pellets. This time I did it in a pot with dirt and the same seeds are now sprouting.

You can see that a Lettuce and a Tomato plant also sprouted in this post. This is happening because I have been reusing the dirt over and over again. I prepare the dirt in between plantings.

I can't wait until the plants get bigger. This is not one of the faster growing plants that we are growing.

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Hey I have trouble growing it too. It seems to grow best I noticed in my compost bucket where I toss rotting garden scraps. To me this means it likes deep, fast draining, super nutrient rich soil to help it grow fast and strong. Super picky herb. I know it grows much easier in warm tropical climates, yet it prefers slight shade.

Good luck! Did you get yours to germinate outdoors? The photo looks like it is in a covered area. Let me know if you have any tips. I am about to try starting some lettuce seeds soon.

I just threw the seeds in a pot and lightly covered it with soil. It is growing the lanai in our condo in the city of Honolulu Hawaii. I am not able to get my Lettuce to start indoors because they get super long and stretch. I just ordered some grow lights and will try that.