DIY - What should we do about our Toilet - Tiny House Big Island Hawaii

in diy •  7 months ago 


We are thinking of using the Laveo Dry Flush Chemical Free Odorless Portable Lightweight Electric Waterless Toilet from Home Depot. The reasons why are as follows:

  • We could go composting but the problem is the liquid waste. In our current house we use that for irrigation and the shrubs love it, but we have neighbors for our new house and we think they will complain.
  • The same holds true if we use the HomeBioGas we have. We were going to put it in the new Tiny House but we don't think it will get enough use so the bacteria will die off. Also the neighbors may complain.
  • We could go with a self contained composting toilet where you don't have to drain the liquids BUT that requires the compost bin to be turned every two days.

So I think we are left with the Laveo. The suck thing is that the bags are expensive. However, this house will not get used so much so it may just work.

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