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Ok, so I technically did these projects yesterday, but who's counting? With these projects and my work schedule of 4-midnight, I would call it a busy yet very successful day. Not to say there weren't any headaches though.

First on my list was to get my pan holder installed on one of our kitchen walls. Our cabinet space is a little tight, so to have these out in the open helps a lot, not to mention they look beautiful, imo.


Right below them I got my magnetic knife holder installed. I love my Global knives. They look gorgeous, feel great in my hand, and are the sharpest knives I've personally ever used. I felt shame for having to store them in the drawer with all the other knives for a few weeks, but now they are back out where they belong :)

Next was to install the mount in our bedroom for our tv. I couldn't find my stud finder after the move (I'm sure it's in a box somewhere....but where????) so I went to Menards and looked at what they had. I was about to buy the basic stud finder, when something else caught my eye. It was a stud finder, but not the traditional kind. It was cheaper, and much simpler, albeit maybe not the best solution for everyone, especially if you don't have drywall. It's pretty ingenious actually, it's just two magnets that search for the nails that hang the drywall into the studs, very smart and cool. It worked like a charm and I had my lag bolts set in no time.

IMG_8020 1.jpg

TV, up and running :)

Lastly, the most difficult of all.....installing a ceiling fan. I had done this once in the past, but you just never know what you're going to find when you see what's behind a wall, or in this case, the ceiling. Luckily, it wasn't too bad. The wires weren't all the same colors as the directions said they would be, so I had to make a phone call to my moms husband. He guided me through which wires to connect and fortunately I didn't electrocute myself.

The wiring (once I knew which wires to connect) was actually the easy part...finding a solid anchor point to attach the ceiling mount was the hard part.


The electric box in the ceiling had two holes that held the old light fixture. Well my new fan mount had two spaces to mount it, but they didn't line up perfectly with the old box holes. So I had to use one of the holes and then find a stud somewhere in the ceiling that I could attach the second anchor screw.



Remember that cool stud finder I was talking about earlier, here is a perfect example of it's downfall. Trying to find a stud near a metal outlet box is going to be very difficult when all the magnets want to do is stick to the outlet box. I was kicking myself for not just getting the more expensive traditional stud finder, but I wasn't driving back to Menards. So another phone call to my moms husband and he suggested using a small nail or drill bit and poke around until I felt a stud. Smart! The top skirt of the fan would cover up any imperfections anyway, so away I went and wouldn't you know, I found a stud that would work!

Once it was actually hung, the rest was basic put together kinda stuff. Screw in that, unscrew that, tighten that, turn on light switch....I was going to exclaim BOOM right here, but thankfully nothing went BOOM when I hit the switch.

I was a little defeated at first when I hit the light switch on and absolutely nothing happened, but then I thought of pulling the chains to operate the fan and lights and presto, they worked!



Whew, that was a lot of DIY for myself in one day! I don't consider myself too handy, but I feel really good when I can do these things without having to hire it out which can get spendy.

If I can do it, you can do it! Give it a try!

Thanks for reading and Hive on!

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NICE WORK!! I recently installed a ceiling fan and what a game changer fo the living room.

Thanks @jlsplatts!!! That means a lot coming from you! King of the DIY and at-home auto mechanic!

I couldn't agree with you more about the ceiling fan. I would wake up a little hot some mornings and now I am cool as a cucumber every night. It was rated for "large" room, so it is probably a little over kill for our master, but I'd rather have a v8 vs a 4 cyl in this situation.

Go big or Go Home!! Lol. Just that air movement helps big time!!! My daughter dang near insists on sleeping with a little fan blowing on her... hot blooded maybe?!?? Lol

Nice job! It looks like you got some really important projects checked off your list! The ceiling fan looks awesome! We have one to install as well. I need to wait for my friend to come help because I don't have a tall enough ladder. It looks very similar to the one you bought! Great job with all of this!

Thanks so much @bozz! Man, they were on my to do list since before moving in, lol. We really like the ceiling fan. It has the style we are going for, and the fan (and installation! :)) is awesome. That and a sound machine and I could sleep forever, if it wasn't for work.