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If you have been reading my previous jewelry project posts, you know I have been trying to use up my surplus jewelry-making supplies. However, when I stopped at the local Tuesday Morning discount store to start browsing potential christmas presents for my niece, I ran across these goodies, and I couldn't resist.


I think I can make some plausible justifications for this impulse purchase, though. Not only were they well below MSRP, but they all serve practical purposes in achieving my final goals.

Top left: flower cameos. I actually got two sets like this, but only included one in the image. I think these would add exactly the extra flair I need to finish some incomplete pieces in my project pile.

Top center: an odd assortment of charms representing the digits from 0 to 9. These can combine with the other odds and ends in my collection to make a properly eclectic necklace ot two.

Top right: "silver" ear hooks. I'm out, and the price was right. I need these if I am going to use up my beads and charms.

Bottom left: giant keys. Steampunk chic gold. 'Nuff said.

Bottom center: a trio of umbrella charms. I also have some blue teardrop-shaped beads in my inventory. Looks like a thematic necklace idea to me!

Bottom right: more keys. Second only to clockwork bits for steampunk, and I have clockwork charms galore to use up.

So, do you buy my excuses? Do you want to buy whatever I eventually make from this stuff? Comment below!

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As long as you have a place to store all your supplies, I don't suppose anybody cares how much you accumulate. My questionable habit is the purchase of kitchen tools, and I regularly have to remind myself my kitchen is full. Nevertheless, I will be putting at least one more kitchen gadget on my Christmas list.

Haha, I get accused of hoarding too

I downvoted your bid bot abuse. Instead of responding rationally, you have resorted to retaliatory downvotes and irrelevant accusations. I'll leave this un-flagged so everyone can see your juvenile behavior and laugh.