Drone shots of Ligaya Garden

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Ligaya Garden front yard June 2020 drone shotLigaya Garden front yard June 2020 drone shot0
Ligaya Garden back yard June 2020 drone shotLigaya Garden back yard June 2020 drone shot

On Sunday, a friend with a professional drone popped around to take some aerial pics of Ligaya Garden.

It was all very noisy and exciting as we watched the drone climb higher and higher until it was past the power lines and into a good position over the garden. Fortunately, we had finished the new chook run and moved the rain tanks so that the new positions would show on the pics.

The pics show how small the place is, how compact the garden is and how untidy it looks from that top down perspective. Of course, it's Winter now, so the canopy cover from the trees is gone and that gave us an excellent view of what is happening at ground level.

We'll be getting a set of pics every season and will be monitoring our use of space, plant growth, vegetation cover and shade. I'll be creating a series of images ands maps soon, based on these pics, that delineate each area of the garden and what grows where so that we can locate things in our garden landscape as we post about changes.

All the pics will be added to our Timeline page where we keep track of the garden's development since we began with a blank slate.

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How cool are drones? So much potential there. Pick the right one, though.