Crochet stylish shopper bag with Japanese knot

in diy •  16 days ago 

This bag is super simple but I love it because it uses Japanese knot bag technique so you can sort of lock it easily 👍.
I used barbante cotton 3mm but you can use jute, raphia, cotton, cord and etc. The bag can be crocheted big or small. Keep in mind that if you want a bigger size, it's better to use 2 mm yarn so the total weight is not so heavy.

The diameter of bottom is 30 cm, the height is 36cm.
Total number of stitches - 142
For each handle I used 25 stitch and 42 stitches between the handles. For one handle I chained 25 and for 2nd handle I chained 40.
Crochet 5, 6 rows of handles

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