What the Hell Happened?

in diy •  2 months ago 

Hello my Peeps!

So......the world got a bit crazy lately and I've been away from my posts for a while. I'm very sorry for dropping off the map with my posts. Here's a little of what I've been up to.

Container Set Up.jpg


vortexcoupler other end.jpg

slicer image.jpg

learning bout livestock and raising quail.jpg

Come check out the Meadows and Makers Live Broadcast coming up in less than 30mins to hear about everything!

Listen Live Here:


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That pallet fence looks dope af

thank you brother!

Looking good!

Thank you @hiveqa

Mmmmmm.. Quail eggs. Most tasty, but lotsa work to peel. Takes a dozen for breakfast, but it's a damn good breakfast.

Good to see you post again!

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