Repair in the absence of a pair (of helping hands)

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The censored title was "Fixing your own house's roof solo: a guaranteed PITA". However, impossible is nothing right?

Roof top got isolated and all so it was time to fix the cracks inside. These ones:


Picture doesn't really tell how long they are but consider them close to 5 meters long. Yep...that long.

Time to remove the loose pieces:




If you haven't done this by yourself you may not have an idea of how heavy that stuff is. A piece around the size of your palms can easily be a couple of kilos so you can imagine how much stuff I had to remove and dump myself, plus the weight of the repairing stuff I had to bring in which was a little heavier. Yes, all done with my motorcycle:


I can't recall how many of those I had to carry. If my car was able to fly I'd use it instead but till then I'd better skip the traffic as long as I can.

Time to apply anti corrosion treatment to the metal:


And concrete repair stuff:


This material dries fast therefore it's not forgiving. Pays back by how hard it becomes when it's done but it's a PITA if you're solo and don't have someone to prepare portions of mix for you.

Filling the gaps was next:


So, after lots of effort, swearing and sweating and good loads of painting I managed to turn this total mess:


into this:


All solo. Kinda proud ;)

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