Making my own sharpening stones

in diy •  2 months ago 

I previously wrote about the knife sharpening kit I made with bought items. As I was learning how to use them, I also learned that you can make your own whetstones from natural stones or tiles. So this evening, I set myself to do some experiments.

Sandstone sharpening stone

If found this flatish sandstone slate in the corner of the garage and thought the grain is good enough for a coarse sharpening stone. I just need it to have straight edges for ease of handing and a flat surface for the actual sharpening.

Luckily, few years ago, someone threw away a tile saw, which I initially thought was a table saw. Realising what it was, I left it unused until now.

I initially planned to cut a rectangular piece but then I thought I might as well cut it square to have more surface area that I can use for an axe blade.

Sandstone slate

Cutting sandstone with a tile saw

Cutting sandstone with a tile saw

Being sandstone, the cut was easy and fast but oh my how much dust it made. Next time I will do it in the garden.

Piece of cut sandstone slate

Next step is to take the cut slate to the belt sander with a 40 grit belt and flatten the faces of the stone. The bottom side was only roughly sanded.

Sanding a sandstone

I also sanded an off-cut piece of sandstone to try as a pocket sharpener.

Sanding a sandstone

Here are my two homemade coarse whetstones. I cleaned off the rock dust of the stone and ran my fingers on the sanded face and it very promising.

Wet whetstone

Here is a close-up view of the sanded surface to show the grain.

Sandstone sharpening whetstone grain

Tile sharpening stone

As mentioned in my previous post, I was going to sand the back of a little rectangular piece of tile I found left in the garage by the previous house owners. This piece of tile has the perfect dimensions for a pocket sharpening stone so I don't have to mess with the tile cutter. The only issue I find with the tile is it's super fragile, if I drop it it will break in half. I learned that because I dropped the initial piece I selected for the previous post...

Sanding a tile

The grain is finer than the sandstone so I might use this after an initial sanding on the sandstone.

Tile grain

In a next post, I will do a sharpening test on these two stones and see how well they work.

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I'm glad to see you were being safe and not actually using the power tools while taking photos XD (is it lame that that's the first thing I checked).

Yes tiles are fragile XD

I'm assuming the max accepted payout will only accept your max accepted and burn the rest? Display-wise it's not working on peakd XD


but seems to be doing what you want on


Look at the first photo in the Tile Sharpening Stone section 😜

I think that’s correct, the remaining is burnt.

Peakd has fixed it

Hello dear friend @quochuy good night
In this area of the Corrientes-Argentina world sharpening knives is used, there is even a sharpener who visits house by house.
I really like the work you do, having the right tools makes the task easier.
Excellent work
I wish you a wonderful weekend

I believe this modern world makes our life too easy and we end up forgetting about those primitive skills. I want to feel like if something happens and all those technologies are down then I can still be able to do things and survive with my skills

You are very right @quochuy I think the same.
I really like manual labor and agriculture, and I try to do and preserve the old traditions as our grandparents taught us.
I wish you a happy rest

Looks like a task requiring gloves!

I'm currently testing adding a max_accepted_payout option to Hive Blog so this post is currently limited to accept a max reward of 80 HBD.

Isn't that around 200 HIVE? Quite a lofty sum under current circumstances :)

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Yea, I often forget my gloves, end up with dirty hands, cut or burnt skin...

My posts can get $120+ due to autovotes. So this initial test is already quite a drop 😅.

Still not used to Hive this high, will set to a lower one next time. Thanks.

Very good of you to limit the rewards. Many wouldn't consider it at all.

Wow! You are getting really serious about this! In the old days, we would see an old Chinese man walking around with his basket of tools; he walked along the road offering to sharpen knives!

My gardener stole two rocks from the river to be used as knife sharpener!! They are still sitting there by the fish pond! LoL

Your fingers are full of dust!! Hahaha.

Have fun!

I think I saw that old sharpening man in those old Chinese Kung fu movies lol

My fingers are always full of dust or dirt (gardening, worm farming ...) or stinky fish smell from fishing lol.

Nowadays, artificial sharpening rocks have higher quality than natural stones but doing it the traditional way is fun and keeps you busy during the quarantine haha.

Yup! Knife sharpening is quite attractive and challenging to me too! I even thought about learning the craft so I could travel around with a profession!!

But, now I had two German sharpening blades (an expensive one with diamond dust) and a small pocket one too. I ruined one small knife by doing it the wrong way. I still could never get the right degree of the angle! I did ask some chef to show me how, they did it so fast! I must do research on this topic before I ruined all my Solingen’s knives!

I think you are like one of those Chinese martial art guys in the old days! You should consider getting the appropriate outfit!! Haha,

You never know, you might get a part in kung fu film and become famous!

I do a bit of stone knapping myself, using only stones though.

Ohhh I never done that myself, I read Aboriginals use chert, jasper and quartzite mainly.

Yes, that's how the microlith technology (especially in WA) developed to such a high standard in Australia, as there wasn't a great deal of variety to work with. Imagine what they could have done with a decent supply of obsidian :)
If you're interested, the archaeologist's bible on the subject, is "A Record In Stone" Holdaway & Stern.

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