Reminiscing the old time: how to make Krautsalat from Germany

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Krautsalat or coleslaw was one of my favorite side dish while living in Germany. I would always have it in my refrigerator. Months ago, I've tried to make it, but it turned out bad. Probably because I use apple vinegar and olive oil.

This time, as i am missing that country badly, i googled more and found one simple recipe. So I just bought all needy ingredients


                Taken with canon d1100, fix lens 50mm


  • cole
  • vegetable oil, no olive oil
  • vinegar , I used the local one.
  • sugar
  • pinch of salt


How to make it :

  • julienne washed cole
  • make the sauce with olive oil, sugar, pinch of salt and vinegar.
    I used the one I bought in local store (indomaret), it cost around 5000 IDR. It needs to be mixed with water
  • mix the sauce and cole
  • Keep it for couple hours before serving it to get better taste


I change the amount of ingredients mentioend on the recipe in

. For example, less sugar, less oil (otherwise it will be too oily) , and more vinegar.

My husband said it taste too much of vinegar, but vice versa for me.

Anyway, anyone familiar with this dish? or wanna try to make at home? You won't regret it ;)

Thanks for reading