The $75 DIY Hot Tub: Backyard Makeover Part 3

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No it's not a hot tub time machine, but I did get it off Facebook for $75 and it was money better spent then with the dope man.

So if you didn’t get a chance to check out Part 1 or Part 2 of DIY Backyard Make Over you can click Part 1 or Part 2 and catch up. I already shared with you how I filled in some low spots, laid some sod, re-graveled, built and planted in a flower box.
I explained how much I love spending time out on my back patio, it is my home oasis... my "Homasis" you might say.

What is a patio oasis without water??? Still a patio but not as cool or in this case hot.


It started out like any other Saturday in south Florida. I woke up, made coffee and ate breakfast. Then it happened. My roommate texted me a link for a hot tub on Facebook Marketplace for $100.


Now did I have a need for a hot tub?

Does anyone in South Florida really need a hot tub?

Did the listing say he didn’t know if the hot tub worked?

Do I know how to work on hot tubs?

Did I own my house to put a hot tub in?

Could my roommate and I even pick up a hot tub?
Couldn’t tell you.

Did I have a truck to pick up a hot tub?

But there was that one thing...


I had a $100 and wanted a hot tub!

I called the guy and within 15 mins I was was at his house to inspect this $100 hot tub. Now I had no clue what I was looking at, but it had all the characteristics of a hot tub, on account it was one.

I did notice the little bit of water in the bottom meant there where no holes or cracks down low. I inspected the rest of the liner for any other signs of cracks. I also turned it on, though it didn’t really do anything. I could hear a motor inside which I assumed was the pump.

With the new vast amount of information I gained on the hot tub I did what any logical person would do.


I offered the guy $75!

Which he happily accepted and told me when I could come back with a truck and pick it up.


Before I left I noted any obstacle that might challenge the move.
Such as a narrow door.


And a chainlink fence with a gate.

Oh and I don’t have a truck to move it with, own a house that I can put it at, have knowledge how to wire or fix it and still live in South Florida with no overall need for a hot tub.


So I called in a favor to my boy Doug who is in recovery and owns patriot moving who said he would send some guys and a truck over to help. I love his moving company because he mainly hires recovering addicts and gives them a second chance at life.

Screen-Shot-2020-07-28-at-10-21-26-PMNot actual hot tub. Photo from their IG account

Im happy I asked for help because it would have been a nightmare to move without them and their help.


But never the less the job got done and I had my very own hot tub sitting out back on my patio oasis, at the house I rent.


Now it was time to call in another favor. This time it was my buddy Josh who is in recovery from heroin addiction and played a major roll in me getting sober. Oh and he is an electrician and he told me exactly what to get.

This is a 220V breaker box I picked up from Home Depot for less than $100. Just follow the diagram for how to wire the wires in and mount it to the wall.


Then I ran some cable up and around to the main pawer box. I got the cable used from a demo.


Josh wired the cable into the box for me and it was time to fill the hot tub.

The moment of truth was once the hot tub was full and I was finally able to test her out.

To my surprise everything worked! The jest blasted, the bubblers bubbled, and even the heater heated.

Screen-Shot-2020-07-29-at-12-06-24-AMSmile of joy.

It was a great success!

Real smile of joy

All and all the whole project cost me about $200 to have a beautiful hot tub added to my "homasis".

The only problem is I can't stop using it because it didn’t come with a cover. Ok I can, but if I let it sit uncovered for long I would get dirty water.

Who knows, maybe next DIY will be a hot tub cover.


It's amazing to me just how many friends I have today that will stop what they are doing to help me. I fully attribute that to my sobriety. Whether my friend is in or out of recovery doesn't make a difference. It's who I am as a person and how I am there for them when ever they need me, as well.

I didn’t have that in active addiction.

▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

Please visit my website or call 888-343-6693

Check out my Facebook or my Instagram

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This is awesome! Not just the fact you scored a sweet deal on the hot tub but the fact you have a real community around you. That's the real stuff right there. Congrats on that because its far more valuable than most anything else.

Yea man I’m really blessed with all the good people I have in my life.

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NP man. Love it here!

It's a wonderful life. Little house on the prairie. This article is really about friends watching out for each other. Each played a small part because that's what they were equipped to do. This is how life should be.

We don't have to pay 2000 dollars to some corporation to get someone to do something for us. We need to help each other like the small village times. Thanks for staying connected. I'm sure you realized by now that hot tubs are also nice on hot days. The wholebody is refreshed.

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Hell yea. Only a few Million to go

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

There you go 😉 step by step and in the right direction!
cheers, liz

Nice my man!
Go down to the pool store and get a bromine floaty and some tablets to go in there.
That will help keep it crystal.

A fine score indeed!