Designing a New Shooting Range

in diy •  6 days ago 

Last Autumn, as you may recall, I shot my first video at my old shooting range, making sure that my rifle shot straight for hunting season. The shooting range is old and dilapidated from years of not being used, much less maintained. I had contemplated building a new one for years before that, but only recently found the time.

Kaja's Shooting Range Ep 2-1.png

As with my tractor canopy project, this first video shows the design process. Subsequent videos will show the actual construction (and yes, part 3 of 3 for the tractor canopy will be up this Spring as well). I will probably post a full set of blueprints for the shooting range itself, along with a bill of materials, this way you know exactly how much this will cost, in the event that you would like to build something like this yourself.

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