DIYHub TODAY - 24/01/2023

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Just a reminder of our January contest: FLOWER

If you missed the announcement post- DIYHUB MONTHLY CONTEST (January 2023) - FLOWER


The greatest treasures of the #HIVE blockchain are members - creatives, artists, and creators in different fields. To appreciate their fantastic work and deliver daily fresh content for you to check out, we decided to run this DIYHub TODAY. This post contains a manual selection of the most recent curations so make sure to open them up and enjoy the artistic and creative work of our fellow HIVE family!

Dehydrating Eggs for Long Term Storage - by Sunscape@sunscape#homesteading@semarekha

@sunscape: "With the ever-increasing prices of store-bought eggs it was time to do some research on dehydrating some. Our stores in western, New York have increased the egg price from springtime @ $1.29 a dozen to $4.99. Every week they seem to go up a bit more..."

Painting an "African Mural" for the living - esp/eng - Video Process by @gaborockstar@gaborockstar#painting@ashikstd

@gaborockstar: "Greetings dear community of content creators for @diyhub community in Hive blockchain, here again bringing part of my talent in the area of art and painting through a video process and graphic tutorial on how to make for your home a beautiful decorative painting on a natural environment which I titled "African Mural", I want to clarify in advance that this is not a drawing of my own inspiration and at the end of the post I will place the reference image from which I was guided to do the same..."

Starting Potato - Blue's Garden Tips@bluefinstudios#gardening@desro

@bluefinstudios: "Growing Potato is easy, fun and a great way to start a garden. Potato basically can be planted and forgotten until harvest time... BUT, potato needs a good start. Some people make it more complicated: Chitting, dividing, buying seed potato online, or more complex steps... Potato can be very easy..."

Esp-Eng DIY Decora tu libreta 🌵@cirangela#deco@semarekha

@cirangela: "I love decorated notebooks are my favorite especially for collecting but for some time now they have become inaccessible due to their high prices and this is increased when it comes to some specific brand or theme..."


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