Tutorial no 3. Logo Design (Air)

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As I told in previous posts that I'm going to start a complete course on logo design in which we'll learn to create professional logos how they were actually created.
It is completely software based class so if you are not familiar with use of illustrator then you can still create it by just following the process shown in video.
You can watch the previous lectures here. Click here, First tutorial and 2nd tutorial

If you need professional logo or any design related work then you can contact me:
My email address: numanbtt@gmail.com

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Hey bro , good content , but please do not use the #jahm unless it is related to reggae content. Some tags you can use instead are creativecoin and artzone. You will be downvoted if this happens again. Enjoy your week.

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I apologize for this, one of my friend reffered me to use these tags so I did.
Thanks For informing me. Can you tell me what's raggae?

Stop using jahm tag.

I've already removed it.
And in other comment I told the person I didn't know about reggae. I put it because of one of my friend recommendation. And he said its warning, don't use it next time.
But then why have you downvoted me when it was warning?

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