Weatherstation with Smart Home Notifications

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Hi !

I was not active here for a long time, primarily because I realized some (electronic) projects and as a result had to do a lot of research, learning and sometimes swearing. 🤐

Now I have some time again and would like to share these results with you. This Post is less a replica instruction manual, but more ~~ self-portrayal ~~ a hope to inspire you.

Here we go !

I've always wanted to tinker with these ESP modules and, if possible, let them communicate with each other. I found a weather station to be particularly suitable as a project, since in addition to external sensors, communication was also required.

In addition to the temperature display for inside and outside, a weather forecast should also be displayed. As a highlight I wanted to monitor the washing machine and the mailbox, so I would always know when the laundry was finished and / or the post was there.

For the main box, so to speak, the control center, it has become an ESP32 with temperature sensor and display. The notifications are displayed using an RGB led. So that the led can also be switched off again, I have installed a touch sensor.


I used balsa wood lying around to build the case. Of course, a little color was not missing and I tried to orient myself on old radios as design here.



The display must of course also be designed accordingly.


The inside and outside temperature is shown on the scale above. In the middle the current time and below the weather forecast for the next few hours every 3 hours.

The notifications are displayed using the illuminated field on the left. With green the laundry is ready, with blue snail mail arrived and red it lights up when both apply.

To mark the notifications as read eg to switch off the led, the touch field is available on the right.

One ESP-07S module was used as the control unit for all external sensors.

A BMP280 sensor was connected to said module for the outside temperature. Both were simply built into the remains of a garden accessory device.


I strongly doubt that it works permanently with the solar cell and two AA Ni-MH batteries.


At least I programmed it so that it sends the temperature data every 15 minutes and goes back to deep sleep as soon as it has received an acknowledgment of receipt.

For the communication of the sensors with the main unit, I chose the UDP network protocol because I understood it more easily and was able to adapt it better to my needs.

The washing machine sensor was realized with a photo resistor. It measures the current brightness and sends a corresponding message as soon as a certain LED on the washing machine goes out.


Since the photo resistor is very sensitive and I didn't want to damage the washing machine to attach it, I had to come up with something.

Well... 😅


I finally glued it into a small tube, which could be attached to the washing machine display using a transparent suction cup.


Not nice, but it works. 😆

I used a reed switch (magnetic switch) to monitor the mailbox. I mounted this on the side of the slot. A magnet mounted on the flap opens or closes the switch and the ESP-07S sends a message as soon as it is opened.



An overview of the finished components:


And a short presentation in the form of a video:

Although the learning effort was quite high, I am very happy that everything worked so far in the end and I was able to take some things with me.

I hope it was not too boring and at least encouraged some people to do handicrafts. 😬

The project was sponsored by and I received the following components:

Resistors 200 Ohm
Resistors 10K Ohm
Light Dependent Resistor
Temperature Sensor BMP280

Many thanks again at this point! :)

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