Homemade bread and donuts

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Because from yesterday my son always whined to be made donuts and bread I finally executed also this afternoon by making donuts and bread myself

The ingredients:

  1. 250 grm of flour
  2. 50 grm of butter
  3. 20 grm fermipan
  4. 1 egg item
  5. milk powder



Put the fermipan into the glass and add warm water to the glass lid and wait until the fermipan is bubbly to indicate that the fermipan used is still active, after that add flour, milk powder, salt and sugar along with margarine stir until all the new fermipan is added and knead it until smooth, after the lid is covered using plastic wraping until the dough gets up, after waking up into small shapes by giving a hollow in the middle and let it stand again, I try to make one dough with two kinds of cake one donut and the other bread is only given added chocolate in it ,, for the donuts after the batter has fried using hot oil until golden, cool and top with refined sugar, and for bread after kneading, roast around 25 minutes, lift and spread with honey on top, make it easy to make

Apart from being economical, you can eat both delicious and nutritious ingredients, and you can get two recipes, good evening

By @ anitacarolina


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