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Do you know what halva is?

Here in Russia it's a very popular sweetness, and you can buy it in any supermarket, but the question is what this halva has been made of...

In a classical recipe halva is a kind of sweetness made of nuts, seeds+ sweet components. But in shops there are more additional synthetical ingridients. As always.

I've found a great easy recipe of this dish and made it!

  • At first, sunflower seeds should be soaked in water for a night.

Soaking neutralizes phytic acid, which interferes with the absorption of minerals in our body that leads to deficiencies in nutrients.

This applies to ALL nuts, seeds and cereals.

Very Few people know about this and even less people follow this rule.

  • Then seeds should be dried well.
    Otherwise we won't be able to grind them.

I've an electric dryer, so it takes 1-2 hour to make it.

ATTENTION: the temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius.
It's a RAW dish, notice it, and we make "alive" halva that keeps all useful ingridients inside.

  • Add honey.

Not much, just to make "seed dough". Then we can add any components we like: vanilla, cacao powder.

I used carob. A perfect and healthy alternative of cacao.

  • The last step is to form our halva. Any form you like!

It's already VERY tasty, but wait for 1-2 hours to make it more juicy and marvelous.

Ready! Raw healthy sweets are waiting for you!

100% natural and tasty halva;)

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It looks good and I think I tried it once at a pot luck dinner where people had to bring food from their country was quite nice I must say

@taliakerch, Sweetness adds blessful taste to life specially when we make it at our home. Enjoy this delicious time and stay blessed.

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Honemade dishes are special:)


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haha, I am amazed to see in the comments that western people almost unaware of this dish. it seems that Russians are in a closer position to it, and are more aquainted with halva. one of my forever faves, as I am a sladkoezhka :P

русские больше восточные, чем сами восточные:)) сладкоежка - слишком классное слово, чтоб его переводить:)

почти как "няня", которую Набоков тоже не стал переводить на английские рельсы. есть у меня немного языкового чутья, наверное ))))

Талия, a посмотрите мой пост с лупоглазиками -- вдруг, соблазнитесь. или ваша крошка подпишется.

PS. на днях впервые видел, как давят льняное масло. при мне давили и жмых продавали!

That does look nice. I can't say that I have ever had it, or even heard of it. But this is probably because I haven't been exposed to much as far as Russian culture is concerned.

No, it's not a Russian dish, Eastern maybe, but now all recipes are so interconnected among all countries. . Russia is full of sushi and pizza now, and many people forget about original Russian dishes:(

@taliakerch, that's interesting. In the middle east they prepare it with sesame seeds instead and it is sweetened by dates syrup.

Ah sesame is great. But is it bitter or not? Here all sesame is a little bitter.

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