Calling Home, somewhere on the road, cross-processed Filmphotography

in filmphotography •  6 months ago  (edited)
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This shot is an instant nostalgia trigger...

I see that you powered up another 4K - do you feel optimistic about the future here? :)

I am VERY UNSURE! But then I follow my intuition. I threw all 'diversification' over board and went all in on steem. At least with steem I can do something, not dependent on it's value.

And yes, I do still hope that it's going to make me a millionaire. One day ;)

For now I think there is loads of potential, I am very happy about the #newsteem (even though I 'earn' less), and I think that this will add up to something in the end...

I was all in one and a half years ago when I was buying and powering up at $3.50 for 1 Steem. Right now, I am reluctant to invest heavily.

That said, you and I have been growing our accounts at about the same rate, so I might power up a bit more to match your SP ;)

Go for it ;)
I actually was inspired by this post by @holm, even though she/he plays in a different league; a league in which one seems to start to wonder what to do with all the SP!

At some point I just decided not to invest anymore fiat. Now I've emptied all my wallets into steem...

I remember buying for 1-4 $. Those were the days! Maybe they'll be back, or maybe we just have front row seats to an interesting social experiment. Or maybe we are building the library of the future?!

So cool to see you got inspired by my post! (hopefully it's not gonna bankrupt all of us) ;)

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Oh yes, let's go down with style!

Hahaha! This is very funny! This phone booth is in the middle of nowhere! The connection must have been very good! But the cost must have been expensive!

A bag full of coins was all it took ;)

Cool shot and soon phone booths will be a distant memory so many of them disappearing these days

Besides the fact that, at least in Europe, calling a mobile from a booth you need to carry a bag of coins.

Probably the same here I haven’t used a phone booth for years

I like the colours I've seem some of our old phone booths now have defibrillators in them, great idea.

Hi, @captainklaus!

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