Gas Station - Deserted, somewhere on the road in Bulgaria

in filmphotography •  5 months ago 


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Such sites are pretty common in my country :D When were you in Bulgaria?

Quite often between 2007 and 2015; I participated in the WaterTowerArtFest in Sofia several times, and I made my own project 'Nomadic Village' in Pavlikeni.

That's interesting :) Did you participate with your photography?

I live nearby an old water tower that is often used for exhibitions, though I doubt it has something to do with the fest that you mentioned.

The water tower is in a small park in a neighbourhood of blocks. I think it is not used for the festival anymore.
I participated with my photography, but also gave a lecture about nomadism and arts, and a site specific photo-performance.
But the most interesting experience in BG was Pavlikeni! I organised a Nomadic Village (a bit like an artists' camp) and it was a blast ;)