COOKING VLOG: No-Bake Broccoli Crust Pizza Recipe, Supeeeer Easy and Yummy!

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Do you want to make your own pizza at home but don't have an oven and don't have a crust supply for pizza?

Now you don't need to worry. Broccoli Crust Pizza is very economical and easy to make with only a non-stick pan.


You only need cheese and egg for the broccoli mixture to make the pizza crust mixture.

Keep Watching and Stay Tuned!

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Enjoy My Video and Have A Great Day!


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Wow awesome delicious food my friend 🤗

Yees! :)

Mantap sekali!!👍

Iya pengen bikin setiap hari kalau aku sih ehehe

wah, boleh aja.buat variasi, upload ke dtube ☺️

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