Nailed The Fermented Jalapeno Hot Sauce!

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One of the things I love to grow in my polytunnel is chili and peppers, as they never seem to do well in the garden proper. They seem to like the extra warmth, water and fertilizer! Every year I grow more, and I can't wait to grow tons more next year as I've nailed making hot sauce!


I chose to make a fermented hot sauce for the flavor profile (there's a slight sourness) and the probiotics. First of all you add chilli of the same colour to a jar with some carrot, onion and garlic. I heard you could add fruit as well so in the jar I show in this post I added mango along with the green jalapeno. I wrote about the beginnings of it last week, along with my garden chillis.


You then add a brine to cover, weigh them down, attach cheesecloth to the top so fruit flies don't get in and the air can escape. You can use an airlock but I didn't have one. This method works fine.

After about ten days you can taste to see if it's got the flavour you like, then strain off the salt water. I chose to do the green one first as there was sweet mango in there which I believe was helping the ferment along.


Then, I blended, adding a tbsp of apple cider vinegar at a time til the taste was right. You don't have to add ACV, but it stops it fermenting and blowing up in the fridge, and keeps it more shelf stable. Plus, it also has probiotics. In the end I added 3 tbsps to around a heaped cup of chilli. I also added a handful of fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime from my garden.


Then I strained through cheesecloth. You don't need to but you'll have a chunkier sauce. I wanted mine more of a classic sauce.


As it'll make it quite liquid, you'll need to add a thickener. I used xanthan gum, blending the powder and chilli liquid til it was the consistency I liked. It was about a tsp to 1.5 cups of liquid.


I am SO proud of this hot sauce which tastes the real deal. I can't wait to try the other two vessels I have fermenting with different colours and combos. I'm leaving them a little longer to see how the flavour goes.

What's your favourite thing to grow from garden produce?

With Love,


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I presume this sauce would have a hit taste..
You should put it up for sale
What do you think😁?

I did think I might do that next year when I can make enough..

Okay that's better
I pray it gets to my country also
So I could try it out

This looks very easy to make as all ingredients can be fetched easily from a local marketplace. I will try it.

Thanks for sharing


Oh yes, it's very basic to make. If you don't have xanthan gum use guar gum or cornflour.

I love the art behind the jar (2nd. photo) !

Oh yeah, it was something I bought for my best mate years ago for their wedding, but they travel and have no room for it so I ended up with it lol

Now thats a hot sauce!! I love making hot sauces and fermented ones too. Havent done any fermented ones this year as I tend to keep them in the garage so the smell doesn't mob the whole house. I love the smell but everyone else hates it. I used to use xantham gum as a thickener too but then Istarted to reduce them in a pan which admittedly changes the flavour profile a bit but I was going for more of a sriracha esque type sauce. Mango is a great choice. I have used peaches too which was quite funky!


Do you reduce it after straining? How does that work?

Oooh, peachy!! I was saying to hubs that making hot sauce is kinda like tasting wine. There's all sorts of methods and flavours.

Jamie would kill me if I put them in the garage. I once made black garlic in a rice cooker out there which takes 21 days. Given he's always in there with his tinkering and car restoration, I have to leave the ferments inside 🤪 They do go in the spare room though, which also doubles as my yoga room and mushroom grow area!

Hot 🔥 sauce has opened up a whole new world for me!

Do you reduce it after straining? How does that work?

Yeah, right after straining and adding the vinegar. Give it's little simmer on a big flat bottomed pan. Doesn't have to be much because it naturally thickens a little. Gives you that sriracha texture.

Have to be careful though as it also concentrates the heat a little. I have accidentally over reduced and made a super hot sauce when I read only going for hot hot!

I totally love sriracha and couldn't get a similar sauce until I looked up some recipes online. It was in one of them I saw the reducing trick.

It is like wine tasting. I couldn't live without hot sauce and pastes!!

I have always been tempted by black garlic. Might give it a go!

Good lord, that sounds amazing. I’ve only ever make sweet chilli sauce. I think a truly hot sauce (like Tabasco) would be awesome. Also, you’ve made the process seem manageable, so I’ll have to try it. ❤️😊🤔

Oh yes, try it! The recipes make it harder than it is..

This is an interesting recipe! We might have to try it! Peppers didn't do so well last year, I don't know why. Scared the same thing will happen this year. I have 3 baby plants that I'm scared to put outside!

Oh nooooo .... I'm sure this season will be different?!!!

The thing I use the most is celery salt.

Oh yes I love celery salt.. espec with tomato juice, vodka.. and hot sauce! 🤪


I'd so like to try this hot sauce. When I saw this it hit me again! @riverflows You're someone i'd really love to meet in real life one day and i'd have to make it down under at some point.

Me and a buddy of mine produced a hot sauce once. He went through the process of fermenting them to create different ones. We actually went to a pro kitchen with sterilisation baths for the bottled and bottles around a thousand. I loved the recipe a lot and I would have bought it. It was a lot of work, but something I enjoyed.

Later, I came up with some recipes and I have been making some tropical ones using fruits.

I even have that video footage of our production process at that organic kitchen we produced at. I remember going through the delivery notes from where we got the chilis and the organic certificates. The science behind what we actually did was quite intricate. It was made to store, had an intense taste and made you wanna finish it quickly and get a new one.

I wonder how many great ideas need marketing and investment or just a really hard push. I've gone through some of your posts and I know you can cook. I am certain. My mouth is so watery !

Oh wow that's amazing!!! Do you have any idea of the recipe?

Haha I'm probably really dull in real life. But I am quite clever in the kitchen with these kinds of things, even if I do say so myself!

Breakfast was brown rice, tamari and hot sauce - the simple things, right?

Damn, girl - just when I thought I had fermented everything that is possible to ferment, you throw down another challenge... 😆 GREAT idea and chilies are always stupid cheap here. ANY and ALL ways of introducing healthy bacteria to our bodies is welcomed!!

Oh yes you'd be able to make it in like a day flat with your weather! Let me know if you give it a go!

You bet.... it will make a really nice giveaweay here too - cos EVERYONE uses hot sauce!!

Awesome. And you know how to do it, coz you know how to ferment - I found the online recipes frustrating so was choosing a bit of this, a bit of that, for what ended up an easy thing. It kinda annoys me that everyone says 'buy these fermenting things' off Amazon when a bit of cheesecloth and a jar will do!