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After the last post was published, a Jack had appeared so it was possible to level out ashs truck again. It feels weird to walk on any uneven floor, in the cabin in Norway the floors are all sunken towards the chimney stack and it's annoying that we can't just Jack it up haha!

Here is possible though, and quite easy to do. Old car wheels are bad to get rid of as waste sp it's better to reuse them! We re - used ones that had shredded tires and dumped in the long grass, as the supports for it to sit on.


After some fiddling about and hard-to-reach places, it was pretty much ready to be taken off of the jack. we didn't have a level, but testing water on the floor, oil in the frying pan, and a round marble, we got it much better than what it was before.

We kept the Jack overnight because I will relevel it again today, it had to settle overnight and will have surely sank a lot again.

I went to take the oven outside but then decided it wouldn't take that long if we had the tools, to fit the window she wanted in the corner of her truck. With all the proper tools it wouldn't have taken that long and I thought I had come unstuck when it came to the curved cut but after asking the neighbor had a jigsaw to use so it was easy. The other neighbour had a drill to use, so with that there was all the helpful tools to do the job.


First I measured out the place for the window, then took out the existing noggin and replaced one to suit where the window would sit on Above.


Then time to draw around the outside of the window frame. Notice theres no window because it is just useless to keep the window in when really you just fitting the frame. I always take the window off first, and it has less chances of getting broken whilst fitting it.

From Inside, you can see to four wholes from the drill. These are so that a saw blade can fit in there to start off the cuts.

We had to cut part of a shelf unit in the corner and that created space instantly..

Just needs a wash now!


And the oven went outside now too!


Have a great day!

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Coming along nicely 👍

Nice job! It seems the place was waiting for your energy to arrive.

Kudos to you for helping out a fellow human, friend, Medicine Maker and Hivian.

If I could suggest a couple more possible tags to use in the future; #hivevibes #helping #volunteering and #positivevibes 😀

Thanks for the hashtag tips! I pretty much been doing stuff like this since all the years since travelling and living alternatively.

For posh we need twitter, but I cant use it 😔

it sure was @notconvinced xxxx

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Light Bringer xx


Oh the window looks great!!! Is that the new spot for the oven? Awesome. Much better than inside!

Its a sweet little window! I think i could make a sauna bakery and the sauna is heated whilst baking bread!

I just got offered a truck that can be towed, only seen it from afar though.. Wondering if its worth taking, then the Caravan im in would be free!