Garden Journal, End of July Community Garden Report

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Hello, and welcome to my end of month garden journal report!

I took a ride up to the community garden today to take a look at how the garden is doing. I haven't been up there a lot lately. We've had a fair amount of rain in the last week or so, so I haven't had to go up there to water the garden. I must say, it's time to cut the grass up there again after all the rain.

This is my double garden plot, looking from the fence gate. This is 2 adjoining plots that I just combined into one large plot. There's chicken wire around the plots to keep the rabbits out of the garden. In the foreground are the rows of potatoes, with sweet corn and beans in the background. In the middle are several squash plants.

There are 3 different types of potatoes planted in the garden. There's 4 rows of Adirondack Blue potatoes, 2 rows of Kennebec Red potatoes, and 2 rows of Yukon Gold potatoes. The Yukon Gold plants grow taller than the others, so I have 2 rows of tall plants.

The squash are a variety named Delecata. They are a winter squash that keeps well through most of the winter. So far, I don't have any little squash on the plants, just lots of flowers. The plants seem to be doing well.

This is the sweet corn and beans section. The beans are a bush variety of a dry black bean. I'm letting a friend use this part of the garden this year, so I don't know the exact varieties that she planted. You can see that the corn is starting to grow tassles now.

A couple of the corn stalks are starting to form ears, you can see the corn silk on this stalk.

She also planted a couple of sugar pie pumpkin plants at the far end of the plot, next to her corn. The vines are growing out into the corn now.

Here are a couple of the baby pumpkins on the vines. The camera didn't focus as well as I would have liked.


text divider.png

Most of the plots in the garden are being used this year. This is the first year that there's been this much activity at the garden since I've been gardening here. Perhaps it's due to general conditions this year, who knows?

Here's a look at the other garden plots in the community garden. These plots are close to mine.


You can see that the 2 plots past this one are not being used, except for my pitiful pumpkin plants.

On the south side of the garden there are 3 plots, all are being used.



My last picture for this post, my pitiful pumpkin plants in the purloined plot. I didn't have room for these plants at home, they were just growing in big pots, so I planted them in the unused plot. They're finally starting to come back from their transplant shock. I didn't put plant them up here until a couple of weeks ago when it became obvious that this plot was not going to be used.

Well, that's all I have for this post, thanks for stopping by to check it out!
If you would like to see my other garden posts, just go to my page and scroll down through the posts. 😊

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All the plots are looking so abundant! I need to remember to plant sweetcorn this spring... or at least try to make time for planting it.

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Thank you!

So much green.... those plots look really great!! 💜🌱

Thank you!

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