My End of June Garden Report

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Hello, and welcome to my garden!


June has been a busy month for me with my gardening efforts. I have a fairly large garden, so there's always a lot of work to do in the first month of the growing season. Planting the garden is just the beginning of it. You have to keep up with the watering when you don't get enough rain, there's the never-ending weeds to pull, and sometimes you have to replant seeds because the first planting didn't come up, or only half came up. The green beans did that to me this year, but since they're mostly a short season crop, it's worth replanting, even in the middle of June.

We had several cool days in the middle of June where the night time temperature dropped low enough to have frost warning. I had to cover up the sensitive plants such as tomatoes, beans, and squash to protect them from the possible frost. I use a bunch of old bed sheets and plastic tarps to cover the plants with. It looks weird, but it's effective.
This is the tomato plants in the raised beds. The tomato cages make a convenient holder for the coverings.

The squash plants.

There were enough bean plants that had come up at the time that they were worth covering up.

In the middle of the month, the potatoes were barely coming up, now they've gotten some good growth on them. I have several rows hilled up, but not all of them yet. I need to get the rest of it done soon, but first I have to deal with the weeds between the rows that need to be hilled. This was taken on the 19th of June

Taken on June 29, today. You can really see the difference in the growth, both in the potatoes in the foreground and in the corn in the background.

Here's a better look at the corn.

The Potimarron squash seems to be doing well, perhaps better than my other squash plants.

The green beans could be better, but at least they're growing. I replanted the empty spots in the rows and they're starting to come up now.

The carrots didn't germinate as well as I had hoped they would this year. I think it's partly due to the chipmunks digging in the bed and disturbing the seeds. I do have some carrots though.

I had to replant all of the soup bean seeds. I think I soaked them too long the first time and they didn't germinate. The second planting came up well, I only soaked the seeds for an hour or so. These are a pole type bean, so they need a trellis.

The raised bed tomato plants are doing ok, but they're not growing as fast as the plants in the greenhouse. This area gets more shade than the rest of the garden, and that may be affecting the growth rate of the plants. The yellow wax bean plants in the pots seem to be doing well, most of them came up the first time.

The red potatoes in the side garden are doing really well right now. These are an early potato so they grow faster than the late season potatoes.

One more picture for you for this post, the tomato plants in the greenhouse. They get full sun and a lot of heat, and they seem to like it. The taller plants are the Amish paste plants and the shorter ones are the Roma plants.

That's all I have for this post, thanks for stopping by to check it out!


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Is that a grapevine on the edge there? The new stems on this side don't look very long for this time of year.

Yes, it's a grapevine that's been there for a while. We cut it back last year. It was growing well, but the deer keep trimming it where they can reach it.

Loved the update! Things are looking good!