Woodwork in the wet, again!

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So yesterdays sleeper steps were finished off first thing in the morning. We had left ourselves with the last few sleepers to install at the top of the flight of 12 yesterday, and once that was done we could get on with the infilling. The decision was made to use the same millboard decking boards as we are using on the rear section of the garden, as the treads on this flight. As we had left a 200mm gap between the risers, it wasn’t ideal that these boards measure in at 176mm wide. So the second board on each step that tucked up under the next riser, really wasn’t on show much at all. However, once finished to contrast in materials really worked, and we were all pleased with the final



Once this was done, we turned our attention to the decking in the rear garden. The plas pro frame was all completed a few days ago, so we were just left with the fixing down of the boards. This was done relatively easily as hardly any of the boards needed cutting for the large sitting area. I think it’s important to maximise the size of a deck as much as you can, with the dimensions of the materials purchased. We usually over run the boards and cut off the last few millimetres of each one after installation using a rail saw. This ensures that all of the ends line up in a perfectly straight line, and makes the installation of the edging strip a much easier process.





Hopefully tomorrow will bring us some nicer weather, and hopefully we should get the deck boards down, including the sleeper retaining walls. As usual any questions feel free to ask. Thank you for your interest.


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