# DIY on how I bake an urgent birthday cake

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Good day everyone, Hello to all my fellow members on hive today am going to show you how I bake an urgent birthday cake

Today I received a call from one of my client she told me she needed a birthday cake decorated with pink and white, the order was so late but I have no choice than to receive the order, then she paid the money for the cake, after paying, the first thing that came to my mind was how to meetup with the order which is the time.

Then I rush to a nearby store to get some materials I will be needing, after getting everything I will be needed then I rush back home to start my baking

Recipe for my birthday cake( vanilla cake)

Flour - 250 grams
Sugar - 150 grams
Butter - 250 grams
Eggs - 5 large eggs
Baking powder- 1 teaspoon
Preservatives - cutter teaspoon
Flavor - 1 teaspoon

Mixing and baking process

Firstly I measured my butter and sugar in a clean plastic bowl and cream until it becomes soft and fluffy


After my butter and sugar is well creamed then in a separate bowl I measured my flour, baking powder and preservatives.


After measuring my dry ingredients then in a separate bowl i breaks my eggs and whisk until it foamy


After my eggs is well whisk then I started adding my butter and sugar followed by my eggs I mix them together after then I started adding my dry ingredients gradually I make sure I don’t over mix so my cake can come out very soft and fluffy.


After mixing everything together then have prepared my cake pan then I separated my cake into the cake pan



Baking was done in my local oven for about 45 minutes to 1 hour


Process on how I decorated my cake with butter icing

Butter - 250 grams
Icing sugar- 1 kg
Flavor - 1 teaspoon

Mixing process

Firstly I measured my butter and flavor together mix together then in a separate bowl have already selve my icing sugar then I started adding my icings sugar into my butter and flavor gradually, then I mix everything gradually I dot over mix.


After then I started decorating my cake, firstly I combcroat my cake


After combcroating then the final decoration was done on my cake

Then in a separate bowl I have some little butter icing mix with pink colour I added some food colour to make pink butter icing


My final decoration was done🤪

I was happy my cake came out very soft and fluffy and I was able to meet up with the order and I was very happy my client love the cake.

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