My Guerilla Garden 2020

in #guerillagardening4 months ago

Hello dear friends, I trust you are having a good Saturday morning. If you love gardening or plants I general, you’ll enjoy this video. Where I take you on a little tour of the plants I grew (in secret) at work, because that is what guerilla gardening is all about. Growing food everywhere!

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

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I am gratified to see folks, particularly people like yourself that avail me of their wisdom, securing their food supplies. You grant me hope my beloved sons will have smart and industrious allies to help them live through the coming tribulations.

Just a note on sound levels in the video. For much of the video your soft, gentle manner fails to surmount the background music. While it's also quite pleasant, I am unable to understand some of your words as a result.


Thank you, I’m confident your sons will have many allies and they will be industrious and ready for the challenges ahead. I’m going to do the best that I can to to teach and inspire with what I have learned so far.

Oh, shoot. I thought I turned the music down enough when editing. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep note of it until next time.

Cool I am doing some guerilla gardening for food to👍

Excellent! I'm glad to hear that. 😃

Great corn you got there, they seem to thrive in that place. So awesome to see your secret garden, I bet when anyone stumbles upon it they smile and smile. I'm happy to see your pumpkin pollinating was successful!!