The Man From The Other Side

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Here is my new digital drawing.
A sketch of a typical African man from an unknown native. It is obvious the man is based in the rural area.

He's wearing a bead round his neck and a native cap partly dropped on his head.

You can see the flow of my strokes in the second step. They move vigorously while still working together to achieve same desired goal. It was followed by a more darker tone which was aided with a different brush set.

The piece was done with AutoDesk sketchbook application using scribble style. Here are my steps:

Screenshot_20230511-145639_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230511-151041_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230511-152355_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230511-153102_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Thank you.


The figure of his art has been depicted in a very beautiful form. you Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you.



Very nice my friend great work 👍🏾 @tipu curate 3

Thanks buddy. Glad you like it👍