DIY Of Making These Palm Sandals

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Welcome to my blog these lovely Monday evening, I hope your day went well today?, Today I'll love to show you how I made these beautiful palm slippers, which was the last of the ones I made for the three jolly friends who wanted a footwear that looks alike.

I've initial shared the making of these other two here and here few days ago, so today I'll be completing the list with this one, come along as I take you through some of the steps of making these.


  • Leather material
  • Shoe plaster
  • Gum
  • VL Logo
  • Polyurethane Sole


  • First I cut the upper to the various shapes desired, then I rub gum on the linning and placed all the upper on it, after which I cut them out, sew the edge and join the logo to it.


  • Then I rub gum on the back of my polyurethane insole and the outsole, it was also applied on the side of the upper, then all were placed at a side to dry for some minutes before being joined together.


  • Now these is how great the sandals looks by the end of the making.


I've delivered the Sandals to everyone one of them, and they all spoke highly of it, although I was afraid these particular one will be complain about, because my apprentice added a bigger Logo design on it, but then the client seems unconcern about how big it's.

Thanks so much for checking out my blog post, have a great time.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 118 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

This is really nice. You're so good at this, I hope to patronize you some day.

Thanks so much dear, I appreciate your words and I look forward to your patronage.

Do you make loafer?

Yes I do.


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Thanks so much, I'm grateful.

Another great job 👏🏾 @tipu curate 2

Thanks so much my friend for your compliment and support.

You are more than welcome 👊🏾

You are really amazing my friend 🤗
This Palm Sandals are really looking great...

You have an apprentice now. How nice you're teaching someone who wants to learn the trade. I see this latest pair of sandals. They look professional.

Thanks for sharing. Take care.