My First DIY Homestead Project! Garden Bed Cleanup

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From my introduction video you saw this homestead already has 4 raised garden beds. The issue is they have become overgrown with weeds and not treated for years. In this video I start brining these garden beds back to life and soon I'll be planting my first crop!

With any raised garden bed you'll want to just jump in and get started. As I started to clear the debree and hoses and shovels left over the years lol I found the soil was still rich and full of worms. I'll be adding a few other things later to improve the nitrates in the soil

How do you prepare a garden bed for Spring?

This spring I want to plant a few crops in here and see what ones do the best. This is my first time doing all of this and it's based on research I've done and now simply doing it. After removing the weeds you can cover with leaves, straw or wood chips. This protects the soil from the harsh winter and allows the soil under to decompose and enrich it for the spring.

My end goal for all of this is to become self sufficient and perhaps later even sell some of it and live off the land. Being that this is the first year there's much to learn! If you're a homesteader yourself or have been in the past and have tips and suggestions drop them in the comments. Thank you!

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Yay! 🤗
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My end goal for all of this is to become self sufficient and perhaps later even sell some of it and live off the land

You got this!

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Thank you!

Hello! I am watching this video from Latin America and I am really amazed not only with your physical beauty, but also with the beauty of your soul, any person who invests his time and capabilities to unite with nature, is contributing to make the world a better place than he found it and that is to be admired, thank you.

It's so satisfying when you clear an area of weeds! They pretty much all looked like weeds to me. Mostly grass, which I'd have fed to my rabbits, but you can compost them all too.

That slim weeding tool you showed at the beginning is generally used for spot weeding in lawns, so that you disturb as little of the grass around the weed as opposed to using a fork or trowel which would cause more damage. I think you find the tools that work for you as you go anyway. Everyone has different preferences and it can also depend on the soil you're working with. I have a mattock, because the soil can get like concrete in summer. Never thought I'd be gardening with one of them when I lived in England! 😅

PS: I've featured your post in this week's Garden Journal Weekly curation round up.

Thank you for the support appreciate it!

2 more garden beds to go lol with a few new tools. Thanks for the insight!

Lol! Have fun. Have you decided what you will be planting in them yet?

Amazing Homestead Project.
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I planted 2 apple trees and sell about $2,000 of apples every fall. It’s awesome. They say money doesn’t grow on trees ? It sure does.

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Wow! That's amazing! I'm wondering how the pear trees will do on the property. It's going to be a while before the trees I planted grow up and start producing fruit but can't wait!