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Salutations my friends!


Did you know peach season is upon us? Complete with these lovely flowers!


photo thanks to pixabay


Have I told you lately...

how much I love peaches. Sliced peaches, peach cobblers, peach pies and of course ice cream! Marketing has turned in to be quite an experience for all of us these days; shortages are evident throughout the stores. Many health, pantry and cleaning supplies are in short supply but thank goodness fruits and veggies are plentiful right now. Today I was successful! With peaches in hand I was on my way, one happy camper!
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Before I begin…

my kitchen countertops must be sanitized. With a toddler in the house and the Covid pandemic I decided it’s time to equip the Bird nest with healthy, natural household cleaning products. In the past I purchased natural cleaning products but not only are they hard to find many don’t include ingredients necessary to clean Covid-19 germs.

According to the CDC these three ingredients may be used to kill Covid-19 germs: 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach. check it out here


Needless to say we have quite a few spills and drips to clean up these days!

This disinfecting countertop cleaner

is gentle enough to use on granite, marble and quartz tops. You’ll find it won’t scratch or leave streaks too. By including a small amount of dish soap, grease and dirt will disappear! Worried about that strong alcohol fragrance? No worries…Lemon, Orange and Lavender are three of my favorite essential oils to counter that antiseptic smell.

What do you need?

  • 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol (2 cups)
  • Filtered Water (2 cups)
  • Dish Soap (1/2 tsp)
  • Your favorite Essential Oil (10 drops)

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Recycle all of those empty spray bottles…

they're perfect to reuse. Combine all of the ingredients and give it a little shake-shake! Voila, disinfecting cleaning spray! I think you'll find the essential oils will leave your kitchen smelling fresh too.

DSC_0079 2.jpg

Countertops clean, check! Now let’s get cookin!


Did I mention how hot it is today? My goodness! With the heat index over 100 degrees a nice cold dish of Peach Sorbet sounds pretty inviting!

Perfectly Peachy Sorbet

Fresh Peaches (qty. 4)
Honey or Maple Syrup (2 tsp.)
Lemon Juice (1 tbsp.)

Slice, peel and pit…

the peaches and into the blender they go. Did I tell you my neighbor gave me 2 pints of fresh honey? He has 8 hives and donates hundreds of pounds of raw honey to the local food pantry each year. Such a treat!
DSC_0059 2x.jpg

Fresh squeezed lemon…

rounds out the flavor!
DSC_0061 2.jpg

Blended peach delight

into the freezer we go. Now the tough part…waiting, lol.
DSC_0063 2.jpg

The perfect remedy for a hot summer day!


DSC_0091 2s.jpg

Sorbet is such an easy summer dessert. Make it with berries, plums, pineapple, mangoes and even watermelon. (yes watermelon!) The options are endless! Your family and friends will love it. It’s is so refreshing and a truly a great way include more fresh fruit in your day.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay healthy and don’t forget to social distance!

And as always, blessings to you all!



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Lovely to see you Mrs. Bird! I just stocked up on some peaches at the market last weekend. Oh boy are they delicious! It really is the prime season to enjoy them while they are here. We haven't gone peach picking this year, but perhaps we'll make it for a visit before the season closes out. Great idea on the spray, as well. Mostly just the two of us here these days, but always nice to have some good options for homemade cleaners. I need to stock back up on essential oils for homemade bug spray, as well, so time to look through my cabinet and see what I need. Hope all is well with the whole family!

Hello!!!! How are you! So glad to hear from you. I thought about mentioning you in the post, lol knowing how much you love peaches as well. I'm sure you miss the orchard visits this summer. Are you having farmer markets? None here until November (hopefully) I've just ordered more essential oils myself although they seem to fly off the shelf! Are you able to work from home during the down time? Happy to hear you're healthy, blessings xx

Yep, we are definitely kindred spirits in our peach appreciation. One of the orchards is open for picking with distancing protocols, but EVERYONE has been going so it is tough to find a time to go when they are actually open and haven't been picked clean. Our farmers market has been officially back open for about a month now, though the farmers were all doing pre-orders and safe pickups in the meantime. I've been quite lucky throughout that my access to the local goodness was never interrupted, only the protocol for receiving it slightly changed. I'm still doing mostly pre-ordering from the farmers for pickup at the market, but then buying some things the morning of. They're doing temperature checks at the entrance, moved all the vendors 10 feet apart, and only having one person shopping a booth at a time. It has been busy but working quite well so far. I'm just happy they're all able to keep supporting themselves and it seems that more and more people are appreciating buying local!

I have been lucky in being able to move just about all my business online. We have opened up the studio again with safety protocols in place, but all the corporate classes and a lot of my one-on-one clients are still via Zoom. If anything everyone has actually been much more consistent, so I stayed quite busy throughout this whole time! Starting to work on some online nutrition workshops now for one of our corporate clients to roll out this fall. I think they've actually loved it because we can service all of their remote offices by doing things online as opposed to just their Atlanta location.

That is wonderful to hear! Markets down here close April 1 anyway so that much has not changed. There is an Organic farmer we met at the farmer who sells csa's so I may do that this fall. I really want to buy locally as much as possible, knowing how the small businesses have suffered so much. I love hearing the way people are re-inventing their business models. Perfect situation, lower overhead and still able to serve the customer. Nothing will replace the in person contact, we all need that but hopefully in time all will be better, if not the same perhaps even better! I of course have been soooo busy with my daughter and 2 year old grandson here. 3 months is quite a visit! lol although I feel so blessed to have had the time with him. They live in South Carolina now so not quite so far, just a days drive so we'll be able to see them even more. Glad to knonw you're doing well Katie! Keep in touch! xx

I have missed you! I will write more in the morning!

Upped and Reposted!


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Oh yummy and healthy 😍

Such a yummy treat during summer! I'll sure remember this recipe (using our tropical fruits here). 😉 Sadly our blender broke. But once we buy a new one, I'll surely make sorbet. Can't wait! ❤

Thank you for sharing! 😉

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