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This is my design for the house style logo contest by @artonmysleeve for his new business logo.

My thoughts were to use a pine tree, and a tree with leaves and you initials, and it worked out.

The logo is for his gardening business and has to be bold and making use of max 3 colors. I choose a white background. I took GREEN, GREY and BLACK, and played with transparancy.

The logo will be printed on to a dark green t-shirt and white background of the flyers and business cards so I tried hard to succeed with that in mind when designing your logo.

My logo letters are AGS. At the back of the business shirt there is a back covering logo and on the front there are the three letters entangled. I also added GARDEN CARE to the back of the shirt collar.


The shirt was supposed to come out green but looks grey in the first and black in the second picture sorry couldnt get it greener. But you get the point. And for the contest this is fine.


This can be a flyer on normal thin paper with a monthly advertisement or special offer.


This is the business card and on the other side you can print all the information you want, its made of thicker white paper.


I hope its to your liking and i will leave the link at you blog in the comments.

Good luck searching for the right presentation.

For all that want to participate:

Thanks for stopping by, its appreciated and remember focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.
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Date : 17 june 2020

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Hello interesting proposal, luck in the contest

Thank you thats appreciated, and i am not doing good in the contest

Your work is almost everywhere and popular, and it look like you almost have an idea on how to do everything...I guess it is just handwork and dedication.

@jaguarosky thank you for the compliment i am not good at anything a bit shy to try sometimes but i just do it. But i am not in the lead for this contest

But you did try something,
*The most important thing is not the victory (winning the contest) it is the struggle (trying).

Thats so true and indeed i had fun designing and made a blog so the winning is number 3 in the row thank you for the insight