Live action: Slaughtering creepy

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As far as Sundays go this one is about as good as they get from a middle of winter in Australia perspective. It's 17°C and the sky is totally blue. A great day to slaughter something creepy with sharp implements and brute strength.

I'm over at my mother in-laws to deal with said creepiness and I brought along some properly sharp tools to make sure the slaughter was efficient and I dispatched the creepiness as quickly as possible.


I'll be honest, the creepiness started innocently enough, just a small creep, little by little. But over the years it seems to have accelerated its creep exponentially and has now reached a level of creepiness that is untenable and certainly unacceptable. I'm sorry you creep, it's time to die.

I didn't waste any time once I arrived; With great manly strides I approached the creepiness, sharp cutting tools in hand, much like a Viking might approach an enemy upon the battlefield...Intent upon slaughter. Before too long, limbs were flying this way and that powerless against the manly strength of yours truly, and my deadly implements of death. Of course, all the while, my wife Faith was swooning with admiration for her mighty man-of-action as I hacked, sawed and bludgeoned with single-minded focus upon the destruction of creepy.

Naturally all that hacking and cutting, tearing and rending of the creepy brought up a powerful hunger within me and so...I stopped for a bite of lunch. Home made goulash pies were on the menu, and orange cordial...Food and beverages fit for a magnificent creepy-slayer like me. I'm still on lunch break right now, and figured I'd jot down some notes here...The Creepy Saga's must be recorded for posterity of course, Just as the Vikings would have done also.

I'll have to get back to slaughtering shortly though, after some ice cream, and flexing my muscles for my wife's admiration; I have to keep her keen right?

I hope y'all are having a great weekend.

Just in case you don't get it, I'm over here cutting away a creeper that the next door neighbour has allowed to run rampant. It's slowly tearing up the fence and has to go. We found out the neighbour (elderly) is now in a nursing home, so I figured I'd get the job done which would help him out and preserve my mother in-laws fence.

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Be well
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A victim of it's own success.

Lol...Yeah some times one can outsmart oneself. In this case the reward was its demise.

Those creepy things sure are destructive we are forever cutting, hacking them back from strangling trees around the garden, good Viking adventure down here in South Africa too.

Oh it's going from 9 deg C to 27 deg C today in Durban, yup mid-winter best time of the year I'd say!

Have an awesome day after ice-cream and good deed! 😄


I'm not sure what sort of plant that creepy creeper was today but it was fascinating to see how it made its way around the lattice-work and had actually begun to constrict it to destruction. It was working its way into my mother in-laws garage and so...Time to go.

The old fella next door is gone, in a nursing home, now, and so we figured it would be neighbourly to get rid of it for him...And for us.

Anyway, have a great Sunday and Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it.


We brought English Ivy into the garden, total disaster it takes over. Strangler Fig transported by Monkeys grows like a parasite onto everything. Best to rid yourself of future problems when the opportunity strikes...

Yes, I feel your pain...We had ivy at my place back in the day and getting rid of it wasn't the easiest thing.

Today though, well I was pretty brutal and the job got done.

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Middle of winter and 17°C? Holy cow! 😲 Middle of winter for us in the best case scenario means 0°C. 17°C is late spring or early summer. I guess I should move.

We're lucky huh? Here, where I live, winter days only go down to about 12...Nights to 0. Pretty temperate.

Lol, it's the middle of summer here and at the moment of writing it's 7:34 am and 12°C.
This is not necessarily usually as there are hot summers with day temperatures over 35°C but overall temperature can range between -25°C and +38°C, so .... we kind of have everything 😁
Enjoy your winter and weekend.

Trying To enter your weekend engagement contest, thinking of my answer since yesterday and I'm still only halfway 😕

I'm not sure where you are, but that sounds like a god temperature range. We get to 47 here in summer. Too hot for me but being born here you get used to it I guess.

Then I don't envy you when it's 47 outside. I can barely live at 35. I'm in Romania, Transylvania regarding which is a bit cooler than some of the other parts of the country.

Transylvania..Home of Dracula. That's cool. I'd like to visit someday, I've heard it's a nice spot.

Lol, this is funny. A month ago I had a post with photos about the place where Vlad Dracul, the ruler Dracula's character was based on, was born and now you mention Dracula 😁
People associate Transylvania with Dracula most of the times.

I'm pretty sure I might have been a vampire, in a past life so yeah...I'm attuned to vampish things. 🧛‍♂️

Yes yes flex those muscles, Faith deserves the view!


There was almost a car wreck on the street during one of my flexes...

Hahahaha I can imagine💪💪

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lol, when "Galenkp- The Last Viking" movie coming out?😂

Filming wraps up in a few hours...Just some love scenes to film...Then the movie should be out soon. 😂

lol, uncensored?

Quite probably...Perfection can't be improved upon so no editing needed. 😂


Slay the creeper SLAY!

So satisfying...What better to do on a Sunday but slay creeps.

New Community idea?

Sunday Slaying Community

hmmm interesting. Would that make mowing the lawn a sort of genocide?

Quite possible...But isn't it great slaying all those blades of grass knowing the lawn will look so nice and uniform? Satisfying slaying.

and nothing beats the smell of a freshly slayed lawn

I've slayed many lawns and yes, each have that tantalising smell emanating from their sliced and rended little bodies. Resilient though, they keep coming back.


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Grazie mille. :)

Time's up boi! You need to GET THE F#CK OUT!!! :D


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Honestly, I'm surprised you decided to use an axe on this. I expected you to point-blank the creepiness with your rifle. Just go ham, and do a Mad Minute with your Creedmoor on this bitch. No self-respecting creep would ever survive a 6.5mm to the face, no?

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Sometimes I like to wield an axe...It just feels nice when one gets that satisfactory thunk when it bites deep into whatever I swung it at. 😉

Ah, you know what, it really is a very satisfying thing to feel and hear. I dare say it's probably more satisfying to me bones than the 'ping' of an M1 Garand, though I'll leave that as a subject of debate...

Fired one of those. Nice shooting stick. ✅

Ah, indeed. I heard it's a mighty fine boomstick, indeed!

I did have to read the fine print before I understood the post. I’m a little disappointed by the lack of blood and gore of your slaying action.

I disappoint so many people.

Well, look at you! You smote that creepy bastard hip and thigh. Or whatever passes for hip and thigh in a creeper.

Did you ever wonder why smoting typically involves the crotch and not the head? More painful I guess.

A couple of questions: Have you composed the Viking song of great battle that will mark you through the ages? Does tackling a HUGE job for Faith's mum get you off the cashew inspired shit list?

If so, it was a good day indeed.

The Saga's are still in the process of being composed...I was going to set them to the music from The Smurfs but decided against it...Still a work in progress.

Oh yeah, the cashew nut transgression is old news...I've fucked up seven different times since then! Still, doing some slaying today and dispatching that creeper bought some credit though. I'll be good to go for a while now.

Do you have to lop the whole thing out or just trimming it back? If the former make sure you get some help removing the root ball XP

I drilled and poisoned the stump. It'll stay in the ground I guess. Maybe when it rots away a little I'll go over and rip it out.

I am an experienced woodsman. And photos like yours or (memories) like those still haunt my dreams (nightmares)

Thee Vineslayer...

0 VineSlayer.JPG

1 Tree climber.JPG

I figured you would have slain your share of vines...You look like the slayer-type.