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This is an entry to @powerhousecreatives community contest Damn Delicious by @zord189.
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Thank you @zord189 for this timely contest. I have been doing a bit more homecooking lately to improve our diet. If you follow my feed, I shared a photo of another homecooked meal and mentioned about DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet plan that my daughter subscribed to for a month. This was to keep her cholesterol level in check, as it was borderline during her last annual physical check up. We decided to alter our food intake in order to have an improved, healthier lifestyle.

For last night, I was scheduled to cook chicken tofu.



It's a good thing that I managed to find some veggies in the ref to add to my recipe. Mom bought these veggies and must have forgotten to cook them. I might as well inlcude them so they wouldn't go to waste.

tofu, sliced.jpg

We had a small pack of tofu in the ref, so I sliced it into cubes.

chix breast fillet.jpg

I thawed the chicken breast fillet from the freezer. I just added salt and pepper and a drop of balsamic vinegar to marinate the chicken in while waiting to be cooked.


tofu, cooked.jpg

The first step is to cook the tofu. Try not to overcook it. It's ready to be removed from the pan once it turns golden brown.

garlic ginger saute.jpg

Using the same pan where I previously cooked the tofu, I sauteed minced garlic and ginger.

red onion saute.jpg

I added a small, sliced red onion to the mix. By this time, you could smell the nice aroma from the combination of these three ingredients.

cook chix fillet.jpg

Once the onion became translucent, I added the chicken breast fillet. I cooked it till the color becomes slightly brown. I also added a half cup of water to cook it faster.

While waiting for the chicken to cook, I mixed together soy sauce, sugar, cornstarch, and a bit of wine. Then I added it to the cooking chicken.

cook veggies.jpg

Once the chicken fillet was cooked, the veggies were ready to be added. I cooked the dish for a few more minutes until the sauce was slightly thickened.

final sauce.jpg

It was now ready to add back the cooked tofu. Plus, I added a special sauce -- a mix of oyster sauce and chili sauce. I was careful not to make it too salty nor too spicy.

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This is dish is very similar to what we have in Malaysia..like a Chinese cooking style too. I too tend to mix meat be it pork or chicken with taufoo and some vegetables at times. In one dish, all the required vitamins and proteins needed for a healthy diet.

By the way, I'm not sure if you have heard of steemitmamas before. We're a group that supports moms in all aspects and we have our very own discord group. If you like, do join us.


I enjoy Chinese food 😊😊 thanks! I'll check out steemitmamas although I'm not a very chatty person 😊😊

No worries.. if u have time, drop by ya

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Thank you so much 😊😊

!giphy thank you

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OMG! Sounds soooo homecooked! I would try to cook this myself too, it seem like a all rounder dish. Thank you @iamraincrystal!

So happy for the contest that I could share my cooking right away. I usually wait till the weekend to post about it 😁😁

Good eat of Healthylicious Chicken Tofu with Mixed Veggies and this diy
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thank you so much! ^_^

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You had me up to the tofu. I just can’t seem to get into the taste or rather lack there of of it. Lol. Looks delicious 😋 bet it was!!

That dish is delicious. Thank you for sharing.