Fight and Self Defense - Movies vs. Real Life

You do not like to play around when you face a serious situation and your life is in danger. You want to do something to get the result quickly, AKA, defend yourself.

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We do not expect to fight to survive, but if that happens, it is always better to prepare yourself. Learning martial arts and self defense can help you in a situation like this. And you can deal with that successfully.

By the way, do you love to watch movies? If you love to watch action movies, and you see martial art actions, you tend to think that's the most effective move. You might form an image that it would happen in real life.

The purpose of that movie is not to teach you martial art or self defense. Yes, you see martial art moves. Some actors have a strong martial art background like Jet Li, Donnie Yen. I like the way they fight.

Again when want to show something on camera. you usually think what looks good. So for the sake of looking good on camera, sometimes they do different things that are only for movies, not applicable for self defense in real life.


For example, you might see running, jumping, and rolling, which looks impressive. You cannot think of doing that when you fight for self defense. To learn a martial art, I highly recommend learning it from martial art instructors in person.

Now we can read and watch videos to get any information about anything. And you can learn a lot of things online. But learning martial arts from the instructor in person cannot replace that.

When you practice martial art from watching videos, you think you are doing it right, but you cannot find out what you are doing wrong. Your instructor can show you what's not right and how to do that. You can correct your move and learn better.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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