Sunny Morning, Tree Cutting, Cherry Tree Trimming, Fire, Grilling, Snow - Saturday

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Yesterday morning we got the sun shining finally. It did not last the whole day but at least we know that it is still up there.


It was about noon when I headed out to work on the trees. I changed the chain on the saw and it made all the difference in the world. It took only a few minutes to cut the rest of the tree up that I had felled the prior day.


Then I headed to the sheep pen and the tree that came down in the big snows last month.


I worked my way up the tree and limbed it as I went. I tossed a bunch of the branches down the hill some but the sheep did not seem to keen on hiking to them. I will have to go shuttle them down farther so they can nibble the greenery.


As I worked my way back to the base I cut the tree into four sections then dropped the stubbed base. I sectioned it so that once the driveway is clear of ice and snow I can hook up the cables to my truck and drag the sections down the hill so I can cut them up where I will have easy access to load the rounds.


One section of the tree rolled down the hill some and will make it a bit easier to drag out.


Later in the afternoon I got the fire going in the pit and kept it burning well into the evening. I was able to burn a bunch of the branches and debris from the small tree I dropped.


I am a bit later in the year for it and I really hope I am not too late but the tops of the big cherry tree needed to be trimmed. I am trying to keep it shorter so we can actually reach the highest cherries and fruit trees have to be trimmed in the winter when they are dormant. I ended up taking 7 leaders off which should hopefully force the growth out instead of up.


J was doing Duolingo lessons on the couch and the cat forced his way into his lap and wouldn't shut up about it.


The weather had said snow would start around 4pm but it took until 6pm for it to hit and when it did it dropped some nice fat flakes.


The snow came down pretty heavy at some points and by the time I got the buns on to toast the outsides were damp from the snow coating them. The snow only lasted a few hours but gave us a couple inches.


The UFC was on and back in Brazil for the first time in a few years. The two I wanted to win did, Moreno got the stoppage and Hill got his belt.


The still winter wonderland.


Today starts the week of no weather in the forecast but the snow is not likely to melt anytime soon. Man Utd is playing Arsenal soon which has big standings ramifications, I'm watching a Hairy Woodpecker hanging on our bird feeders on the deck as I type this (one of at least 4 types of woodpecker I have seen on our farm so far), and we have to get the boys' gear ready for wrestling practices which start tomorrow evening.

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