How to Get 4 Million Visits Per Month With One Simple Keyword Hack

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Do you have an online business and want to get more traffic on your website?

You need to do SEO. You can go and check out your content. You will see there are posts that are doing very well. You can find the main keywords that your site ranks for on Google.

Then you can find all long-tail keywords around your main keywords. You can edit and update your existing posts that are doing well. When you add those tail keywords and provide value, you will see a big change.

When any visitor finds your site on Google and visits the post to get the information, you have to provide all the information that they are looking for. If visitors are satisfied, they will stay on your site. It will boost your page ranking. After adding long-tail keywords, your site starts ranking for those long-tail keywords as well.

So how can you find which posts are doing well and for which keywords your site is ranking for? To learn about this, let's watch this video.

I hope you will find it useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this.

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