How to Setup Search Console in Rank Math

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Which SEO plugin do you use in your WordPress website?

Yoast SEO or Rank Math?

Rank Math is better. If you install this plugin, you will see the difference. You can add Google Search Console in Rank Math. You will see useful information about your site and you do not need to leave the dashboard.

To see the report, you can go to Rank Math and then Search Console. If you do not see any data, that means you have not authorized search console to collect data from Google Search Console.

It is easy to do that. You need to get authorization code by logging in with your Gmail account and then add code to the Search Console to authorize.

You can have multiple websites on your Google Search Console. Now you have to select your website that you want to add to the Rank Math search console and save changes.

To learn how to do it step by step, you can read this post. You can do it on your own after reading this.

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