Wing Chun for beginners lesson - blocking a straight punch and countering with a side kick

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If you are passionate about martial arts especially Wing Chun, you can follow this lesson. In the previous post, you learn how to defend a straight punch and counter-attack with a stomp kick.

Instead of stomp kick, you can do side kick to the attacker's knee. The same way you have to parry the straight punch and do the side kick. Master Wong suggests not to straight leg right away when doing side kick.

Well, if the attacker is close to you, you do not need to fully extend your leg while doing side kick. You can do side kick and extend your leg to hit. I do not recommend to bend your leg when you kick.

But one thing you should do is to keep your hand a little bend when you punch. You are not extending your arms completely. You do not know what the attacker is capable of doing.

In case the attacker is a good fight, he can strike on your elbow while you are punching and make some damage. If you do not extend your arms, your elbow is little bend. As a result, the attacker is not able to break your hand.

Let's watch this video and start your training. Please feel free to share your thoughts about this movement. Thank you so much for reading this and watching the video.

I appreciate your support and feedback! Stay safe. Always be happy!

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