Gel de alóe para el cabello / Aloe hair gel

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Vamos a preparar en muy poco tiempo un gel de alóe para el pelo. Para este caso pondremos el aloe que hemos cortado en agua durante 24h. Pasado este tiempo, el agua adquiere una tonalidad rojiza debido a la "aloína", uno de los principales componentes del alóe que en este caso no queremos.

We will prepare in a very short time an alloe hair gel. For this case we will put the aloe we have cut in water for 24h. After this time, the water acquires a reddish colour due to the "aloin", one of the main components of aloe which in this case we do not want.







Este gel se mantendrá en el frigorífico en perfectas condiciones, durante más o menos, tres semanas.

This gel will remain in the refrigerator in perfect condition for about three weeks.



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alvera is really a great for health and have many uses,

Yes, even eating it.

I used it for face, the taste is really not good. I can't do that 😂🙏

Actually, I can't stand the texture it has 😂 but a friend of mine is used to eating it. I prefer to use aloe for hair and face

yes few of among us can do that daring task, yes that is really useful for face never used om hair yet. 😅

Cream with some drops of cannabis oil for face and liquid for hair




oh this really look like a cold cream thanks a lot for sharing, I did not do that much hard work just take a small piece and rub it on face 😂👍