Take advantage of the benefits of mint. Make your own tincture

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Take advantage of the benefits of mint. Make your own tincture

Do you know what a tincture is?
If you can't read my previous post https://hive.blog/hive-120078/@kyleana/do-you-know-the-difference-between-extracts-tinctures-and-oleates

Peppermint tincture is ideal for digestion, gas and flatulence. In particular I use it to make a headache gel

For this you need:

50 grams of fresh mint
250 milliliters of 70% Ethyl Alcohol,
Glass jar

Preparation: wash and dry the glass bottle, then disinfect it with a little 70% ethyl alcohol, let it dry. Then you add the mint leaves and add 250mL of alcohol to cover the mint leaves. You reserve it in a dark place and shake once a day for 7 days minimum. You can leave it for up to a month,
Finally strain it and you get the tincture.

Later I will tell you about that gel: D


PS: I owe you the step by step, I have tried my mint tincture for 8 months and it has been kept excellent

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Looking forward to the gel recipe!

Did you know you can make headings with the hashtag so your

text appears bigger?

# like this


How cool, I will use it soon! :D

Hehe clear that if: D

Nice idea to tincture your peppermint.

It's REALLY IMPORTANT to add safety disclaimers to your post. EG someone drinking your tincture pure, without dilution, can cause permanent kidney damage and possible kidney failure. A 70% alcohol tincture ALWAYS needs to be diluted - maybe 10 drops to a small glass of water if you plan to swallow it. If it's a mouthwash, then need to be clear that it is not safe to swallow.

I also tincture our fresh mint for mouthwash, and dry it for peppermint tea, which is a safer after-dinner alternative. 😉

Yes, definitely good to add disclaimers or warnigns on posts which could be dangerous! xx


Certainly, if they are tinctures for consumption it must be ethyl alcohol, not isopropyl.

And the dosage will depend on the person and their condition

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