Plant-Based Cooking Challenge 👨🏿‍🍳 Week #24 👩‍🍳 Come Join Us!!

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Greetings again my fellow Hivers, it's me @JustinParke with the latest Plant-Based Weekly Cooking Challenge, where I feature last week's winners and provide a new set of ingredients for this week's challenge.


Plant-Power Cooking Challenge

🥦🌽🍉 WEEK #24 🍈🍅🥜

     I'm always doing my best to provide you all with a fun but challenging set of ingredients and/or cooking styles that will keep us all entertained. I hope I've done it once again and and have you all excited for this week's new challenge. I am looking forward to what you all with share with me this, so let the ideas begin brewing now.

     It's Thursday again, and that means a new challenge and new ingredients, each of which you may use one or more within your recipe submission. Not only is this challenge published from this account, I also share the link within the Plant Power curation posted every Thursday via the main @NaturalMedicine account. Now let's have a look at the winners of last week's challenge.


Plant Power Cooking Challenge
Week #23 Winner(s)

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Sauteed Pagoda Mustard With Beancurd Skin and Bitter Melon

by: @aswita

     We always love when a chef makes a video tutorial, as they are generally more engaging than a written recipe post. What's even better is when the video is filmed well and the quality is good. This post has it all, an awesome video and an awesome recipe, just as healthy as it is delicious. This Indonesian chef never fails to impress us with her creativity in the kitchen.

     Congratulations @aswita! You are the winner of 3 HIVE and a 5% beneficiary of this post.

2nd & 3rd Prize Winners

     Chef @farmlife's thoran made from bitter gourd was very appealing, and I could almost smell the coconut and curry leaves as I read his post. If you've ever eaten bitter gourd, you know exactly why the name "bitter" is in the name of this vegetable. It takes a good spice mix and pairing with other flavors to bring the bitterness down to acceptable levels, so this chef's flavors are what stand out to me. Excellent work chef!

     No we travel to the far north of Canada where we find chef @carolynstahl's tempting yuba nuggets. If these little treats were left unattended in my house too long, I know my daughters (@kidsisters) would leave me an empty plate. These beancurd skin nuggets are also served with some very choice sauces, so defnitely check this recipe out.

     There was also tempting recipes like @sreypov's 🍋 Lime Pickle Sour Soup 🍅 With Beancurd Skin 🍲 Ital/Vegan Recipe, @journeylife's Homemade Watermelon Juice, @chacald.dcymt's Venezuelan Cachapas 🌽, and @umirais's Watermelon-Corn Beverage. Be sure to check these gems out if you have time.

Week #24 Ingredients/Styles:


The Rules

  • You can create a dish with all three ingredients, or just one, or even two.
  • You can use any other ingredient you like, but one of the listed vegetables should be the feature of the dish.
  • You can use item(s) from the other column if you'd like to use a sweet in your savory or a savory in your sweet, but you must use at least one ingredient in the recommended flavor style.
  • No animal products can be used
  • Post in the Natural Medicine community and use any other tag such as #vegan, #plantbased, and #foodie, as your secondary tags
  • Please drop the link below this post.
  • Also, don't forget the #naturalmedicine tag if you want to earn LOTUS.

The Prizes

  • Each week I'll choose a winner to be receive part post beneficiary of my curation posts.
  • 1st prize is 3 HIVE + 5% post beneficiary, 2nd prize is 2 HIVE + 3% post beneficiary, and 3rd prize is 2% post beneficiary. HIVE rewards courtesy of @plantstoplanks.
  • If you'd like to sponsor this challenge, please drop a message below.
  • Great posts may get nominated for OCD support, reblogged, tweeted and even tipped!


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Looks very delicious and fresh, thanks for sharing.

Great, I know not much of cooking but I know a lot about plant-based benefits. So I have posted one in this category. I guess this is a great initiative to let people know the benefits of what Mother Nature has provided to us.

If you have an entry to this challenge, be sure to share the link in this comments section, otherwise I won't be able to find it. Thanks for stopping by.

I did not post it as an entry but if you think it qualifies, it's here, thanks

Passionfruit pudding, sounds lovely, thanks for sharing.

Like the title and the pic, all I need to know. Papaya is so versatile, like a vegetable when green and a fruit when ripe. Some crushed peanuts on top seal the deal for me.

Looks really nice, can't wait to check this recipe out. Thanks chef!

Here is my submission for this week's challenge, thanks.

🥭 Lemongrass & Green Mango Salad 🥗 Ital/Vegan Recipe 👩‍🍳


Thanks as always chef, you never cease to amaze me with your skills in the kitchen.

Hai everyone .. here is my entry
Hope u all like it .

This thumbnail alone is very tempting, can't wait to check this recipe out in a bit. Thanks for participating.

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I actually saw this challenge JUST AFTER I posted my Thai-Fusion Vegan Cashew Nut Pesto. but how amazing that my post fits your criteria almost perfectly.

Appreciating the challenge, and the community. Thank you.

Well, as Bob Ross says, what a happy accident. Love me some pesto.

Thank you so much ... congratz @aswita and @carolynstahl ..

The pleasure is all mine chef.

Congratulations to all the winners! I hope to see again soon.

So many talented #plantbased Hive chefs, and you are among the best.

Oh yeah there's definitely some tasty sounding (and looking) recipes in there.

I know I can't wait to try the Yuba Nuggets by @carolynstahl! Never heard of them before, don't eat too much soy/tofu things, but always willing to go on adventures- especially if they are in the #veganverse

Those yuba nuggets look delish don't they. Of course I always eagerly await your culinary creations too.

Yes they do. My new creation is going to be 'an out of the freezer' dish...and it is going to be the orange vegie and Mandarin soup I made a few months ago- which was truly delicious and I'm going to use it as a sauce for Roast veg tortellini. (from the freezer too..) Not sure if I posted it here or not..I think I may have, I will have to check.

congrats @aswita, this is a must-try recipe

She is such a talented chef!

Congratulations to @aswita and to @farmlife!

I am honored to be among those incredible delicious recipe posts. This week had some greats. I want to have a potluck with all of them and you guys too.

Thank you!

We are honored to have you and your delicious recipes in this community.

Thank you and by the way i would love to try that yuba nuggets one day

Your welcome chef!