My Baking Fever; caking with colors

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Happy Sunday Hive!
So my little niece has been bugging me about making a cake, different from my usual coconut toppings cake. She wanted me to layer and ice it too. I didn’t have the time or energy for that executive request, lol, so I decided to make something colorful. Little girls and colors!

4 cups all purpose flour
8 medium sized eggs
1 cup of granulated white sugar
1 cup full cream milk
Pinch of salt
2 tea spoons baking soda
Vanilla, butterscotch and lemon flavor
Chocolate brown coloring
Red velvet coloring

I had everything in my kitchen already so it wasn’t so stressful for me. I simply divided my batter into 3 bowls; one for vanilla, one for chocolate and the other for red velvet.
This was the point I poured in a cap full each, of the colorings and put them into the pan, in layers of chocolate, red velvet and vanilla/lemon.

Note; Lemon flavor is much better in vanilla or plain batters (my experience)

Do you think I tricked her well enough? Haha. Well, she loves the taste so much. This is a 6’2 inch cake and it is almost finished!!! 😳

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Stay Safe XOXO

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This looks delicious!

Oh it is very. Thanks friend