Homemade Almond Milk

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I decided to make my own after running out of almond milk and coconut milk [Gasp! That never happens!].

I happened to have all the ingredients I needed on hand and had just received a new nut milk bag a few weeks earlier. Now the ultimate question: To nut milk bag or to not nut milk bag?

Nut milk bags are just a fine mesh nylon stitched bag that finely sieves out any unwanted granules of whatever it is you are passing through it. The most common use is for nut milk but I have seen people use them for juicing to remove any extra pulp or foam that the juicer did not separate. They are relatively inexpensive and I ordered mine off of Amazon.

This almond milk is only 4 ingredients….FOUR! Count them:

Raw almonds, water, dates, and vanilla. It could be 3 ingredients if you prefer a plain almond milk.

Easy, minus waiting for the almonds to soak. ;)

Almond Milk Recipe

Thick and rich almond milk made from scratch with only FOUR ingredients and a high-speed blender. Ready in minutes and devoured in seconds!


1 c raw almonds
4 c water (plus some for soaking the almonds)
2-4 dates (depending on how sweet you want it)
1 tsp vanilla extract


Cover almonds with some water and allow to soak for 8 hours

Optional: Once almonds have soaked and been drained of water, de-shell the almonds by gently applying pressure to “pop” the skins off. Discard the skins.

In your Vitamix: Add 4 cups water, dates, almonds, and vanilla.
Blend on high until ingredients are mixed and no large pieces of almonds are left

Adjust to taste
Optional: Line container with nut milk bag. Pour almond milk into bag and strain of all the almond milk.


Soak your almonds for 8 hours in water:


Once soaked, drain and start to de-shell the almonds. Since the almonds have been soaked for so long, they become water logged and the shells pop right off with just a little pressure.



I only use medjool dates. According to Trader Joe’s, they are fancy! :P


Who knew that something that looks like a mix between a cockroach and piece of poo could taste so divine!


Add all ingredients into a Vitamix or high-speed blender. Let’s be honest, Vitamix is the ONLY high-speed blender you should have. ;)


Blend together for a minute or so until everything is blended:


Taste it to see if you need to adjust any of the ingredients.


Prepare the nut milk bag over a bowl or a large measuring cup (easy to pour), along with a container to store the almond milk in. I rolled with a Ball jar because it allows an airtight seal to keep my almond milk fresher, longer.


Pour in the almond milk:


Gently squeeze out all of the milk and fill your Ball jar:

What is leftover in the nut milk bag is the almond pulp:


This has many uses but is great in baked goods. At this state it has an extremely soft and pliable texture but you can always make almond meal with this by laying it out on a baking sheet and dehydrating it on the lowest heat in your oven. After it has dried out, just chop in a food processor to a fine powder and use for whatever you wish. :)


I hope you will also stop giving into the idea of “convenience” and make this almond milk at home. You certainly do not need a nut milk bag and can always consume as is or just pass through a fine mesh strainer.