Homemade 'Haleem' | Flavors from Bangladeshi Cuisine.

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Haleem is one of the comfort food that reminds me of our tradition. We usually consume this during the holy month of Ramadan (Muslim's fasting month). It's flavorful, spicy, made out of meat and a lot of other ingredients like grounded wheat, barley, lentils, and rice.

You will hardly find anyone here who doesn't like Haleem. There are a lot of different ways to prepare it, depending on what meat and ingredients we are using. It can be made as simple as I prepared or very rich like the restaurant one.

Let me share my recipe.


I used a readymade Haleem mix that contains the spices and the main ingredients in separate packages. They taste quite good so you can use them because grounding all the ingredients is very time-consuming. And it takes a lot to be that much perfect.

Here's what the grounded wheat, barley, lentils, and the rice looks like.

You will get full instruction on the packet or there's always Youtube for help.

I soak the mix in warm water for one hour and then cook them properly with the right amount of spices that comes with the packet.


Onion, garlic, and chili slices are ready to go with the stew.


I poured the fried spices into the mix. You can pour the mix in the spices too, that gives a better taste. But I'm a lazy cook, you know ;)

*Also, I have added some pre-cooked beef. You can freshly cook any kind of meat you want and add with the stew.



Serve the stew with salad, more chili, some lemon, fried onion, ginger, or any other thing you won't like coriander.

The mixed grounded ingredients, the meat, and the spices all become so flavorful together and combine so well. We usually add some Naan roti to enjoy it or eat it just like this. It's full of nutrition and flavors. It's one traditional recipe that always fills my heart.

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You convinced me to try! I ordered the mix.

That's great. I hope you will love Haleem.

The holy of ramadhan Will come. Thanks for sharing the culture of the food there :)

Ramadan is almost knocking on the door. I made this as a preparation 😊
Thanks to you for being around. Have a good day 🌸☀️

It's amazing my friend likes it too. When I fast in the month of Ramadan I really like my iftar menu like that. But if the iftar menu is on the menu, I prefer to eat food like that I used to eat rice later. Soon we will start again the month of Ramadan, friends

Yes, these foods add something extra to Ramadan. We all are eagerly waiting for the holy month.
Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

It seems very delicious.
Haleem is my favourite dish.
I used to eat naan with haleem in breakfast 😃.

Yes, naan with haleem is one of the best combos.

I never eat haleem I will try to buy it online look so good and yummi .

As you never tried it, I can guarantee you it will give you a whole new experience of taste. Because it tastes very different from other meals.
Try it :)

I'm salivating already. Hope you'll invite me over to celebrate Ramadan with you so I can have sumptuous meals to devour 😁. !PIZZA

Aww...I wish I could do that. Hope someday...
Have a good day, dear.


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