Not eating your greens? Here's how you can make an easy yet tasty Sautéed Broccoli. 🥦🥦

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Broccoli is not my favorite but I often eat it to meet my green intake. It's easy to prepare and full of nutrition. If you are the one who compromises with eating green, then you can try making broccoli this way.

The ingredients we need are very simple.

  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Oil and salt.

That's enough.

But I added some chili, seasoning powder, cumin seeds, and onion as well.

Let me share my process.


  • Cut the broccoli in big chunks.


  • Add the garlic slices to vegetable oil and fry them for a minute or until brown. Add some cumin seeds before adding the broccoli.


  • Add the broccoli, salt, and some chili. Put a lid on and cook them for 1-2 minutes. It doesn't take long to get soft.


  • I have added Maggi seasoning mix, if you don't like to season then skip it.


  • Add the seasoning and cook them for another minute or two. When the water reduces, saute them for another minute.



  • That's it. This is how simple the recipe is. But it tastes so good.

Add an egg on the side or some meat if you like and you will have a perfect meal full of nutrition.

I read it somewhere that broccoli affects the thyroid gland/enlarges the glands. If you have any issue with this then it's better to skip it and eat other greens. Also, eating broccoli on daily basis can increase the risk of getting cancer and other sickness as it's an artificial vegetable.

You can try other greens in this way also. Or intake broccoli occasionally like me.

Have a good day, everyone.

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Hi hi Remoon hope that your doing well. Wow.. ur dish looks pretty delicious.. the best type of protein.. 😀😀😀

Thanks for saying so. Yeah, I'm good and hope you are doing fine.
Loved your pro pic, you two look good together. Take care.

Hi hi.. Remoon.. yes.. doing well.. hope your doing well too. Thank you for your nice compliment.. =) Have a great great day. =)

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Broccoli looks weird to me. One of the reason I can recall is that I have seen many farmers in my village throwing out them from the cauliflower field considering them as 'dysfunctional'.

Personally, I came to know this 'amazing' veg from watching The Simpsons and my favorite character Bart hates it like no other.'s a dish for urban people. I know, if I present this same dish to country people, they would also through it out.

But it tastes good. I also don't like broccoli that much. But this sauteed one made me a fan.

I also like broccoli for lunch and dinner, thank you for sharing how to make it delicious

That's great. Thanks.

Maggi seasoning...
When I was in an Oriental Store, I saw pockets of Maggi Seasoning being sold.
What flavors does it impart?

This seasoning tastes like curry powder. When we don't put many spices in some dishes we use this to balance the taste.
Thanks for asking, you can try it.

looking yummy...obviously i try it at home 😊👍

Thanks for saying so. Yeah, you can try it. :)

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