Paneer Masala & Kitchari, Courtesy of The Uber Mama Eats Delivery Service 🍛

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Recovering from illness, I'm really super paying attention to what we eat at the moment, and to be honest, some of the healthiest and tastiest food out there is Indian inspired. In the cold of a southern Australian winter as Europe melts in the heat wave, hearty, hot and spicey dishes warm the soul and the belly, and the spices in our bowls have a medicinal quality that helps us overcome the winter malaise that has us tardy to rise and subject to continued illness.

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This week's favourite I've run down to my son, who's isolating at his girlfriend's rural property ten minutes away. He came down with COVID the week they were meant to move house, which wasn't the best timing. Still, it gave me a chance to be Mum.


My version of kitcharee is simple - my mother used to make it, so I just do it the way she did. Think equal red lentils and brown rice - to serve two, I used half a cup of each and three cups of water, thrown in the rice cooker with stock, a huge handful of spinach, and a tablespoon of spinach. Kitcharee is an ayurvedic recipe and you'll find all kinds of versions online, including ones with coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, curry, and garam masala. Since I had most of these in my paneer masala, I didn't bother putting them in the kitchari. It's such a simple, lovely, creamy dish that works perfectly with the tomatoey curry.


For the curry, I'm totally sold on spice mixes that you buy at the Indian grocers! I always used to make my own until I realised that these pre mixed spices are actually pretty amazing, because no one knows spices like the Indians! My latest favourite is Kahari Paneer Masala - there's lots of recipes on the internet, but basically it's fry an onion, add some spice mix according to the pack, a few sliced red peppers, a can of tomatoes - and for me, a handful of spinach - and simmer til cooked, when you then add the paneer and heat through. I usually fry a few extra seeds in olive oil to add to that special 'pop' of flavour - reading the back of the pack gives you an indication of what to use. I also added fresh garlic and ginger as well.


Adding the steamed broccoli was a real winner as well. Of course, this is nothing compared to what you get in India, but along with my homemade lime pickle, I don't think I did too badly. It certainly tasted fresh and healthy! I could eat like this every day. I often do switch out the tofu for the paneer as I don't like to eat a lot of dairy for health and moral reasons, but gah - paneer is my absolute weakness.

Speaking of weakness, I've also discovered the wonder of frozen paratha at the Indian Grocers as well. They work out about $1 Australian each which is worth every penny. Sadly, the packaging gives me the guilts so I must get to making some and freezing them myself, but still - omfg they are good. One of my favourite breakfasts is a aloo paratha, lime pickle and coconut yoghurt. So good.


Tonight's dinner? Palak paneer - with tofu, and made out of garden greens - kale, broccoli leaves, coriander, silverbeet, spring onions, nettle. Sooo good! Here's my recipe for a foraged wild green palak paneer. It might look like blended frog but I guarantee it's super tasty.


So, do I win the best Mum awards?

Of course I do.

Cupboard love is a powerful thing.

With Love,


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Ummm....suddenly I started feeling hungry

Haha you get amazing food in India... Wish I could come back!!

So sorry about your health , I hope you are getting better? Health is wealth and food is the best medicine 😂

I am up and down, as they say .. thanks for the well wishes xx

You are welcome

Yes, I’m starving. Haha.
Great mix of flavours there. Yummy 😋
Glad to hear that you’re recovering ❤️🤗💕🤗❤️
Awaiting a story for The Ink Well, please???

Ha, lost my muse and haven't been bothered much to write creatively. Besides, I didn't get that much love over there and got nervous about rule breaking. I lost my mojo when there were two emotional prompts in a row.. think it was embarrassment then pride? I'll come back and write when it feels good to do so and I am not feeling self doubt about my writing ability..

You’re one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read. We’ve “softened” the rules (apparently there’s going to be an announcement via the newsletter). Never, ever doubt your ability- good God, that’s the only stupid line I’ve ever read from you.

Hahaha call me stupid again baby... 😂😂😂 love it. And thanks so much. In retrospect, my fishing skills are excellent. Do tell me more.

Hahaha call me stupid again baby... 😂😂😂 love it. And thanks so much. In retrospect, my fishing skills are excellent. Do tell me more.

PS @itsostylish i have written one just for you, will be published tomorrow early evening Aussie time x

Haha, this is so nice to read as I told you about my failed attempt at making palak paneer earlier this week.

I think it’s a bit too advanced for me. I’m not good with spices. (But I like spicy food). I just don’t know how to cook that kind of dishes.

Maybe I should sign up for a cooking class but that just feels so boring. Just the thought of paying for something I’m not even enjoying, haha.

I’ll try again though 🙂

Oh what a shame..if we lived close I could teach you a thing or too and help you enjoy it.

Of course, this is nothing compared to what you get in India, but along with my homemade lime pickle, I don't think I did too badly.

You definitely did wonder. Very few will know so much about our food.

Thanks so much. We do love Indian food in Australia. I like to learn how to cook different food but most would just buy takeaway. I love your food so much.

Hi @riverflows

I'm so sorry to hear you've been ill but glad you're eating hearty food to speed your recovery.

Those curries look mighty good, and I'm the same when I want something to soothe the soul and warm me up, I always turn to curry. Quite often red or green Thai curry as I learned how to make it when I was travelling.

It might look like blended frog but I guarantee it's super tasty.

This part made me LOL... as very often my curries also come out looking a lot less appetising than they taste 😉

Anyway, all the best hun.


Nice to see you @raj808. Yeah the after effects of the virus aren't fun.

Haha yes I don't think Indian presents well even in India!

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Wow! those are beautiful! I always like your photos.😀

Hi, you are the clever Indian cook. I like your Khichadi and masala paneer.
I love your writing style as well as your food making.
By eating good and healthy food you will recover very fast.
get well and strong soon❤️😊

Thanks so much! I am making it for Sunday lunch. How do you make it? I'd love to know! Everyone seems to do it slightly differently..
my way to make it. only the difference is I finished with kofta instead of paneer or tofu.

Omg thaaaaankyyooouuu

So I just read it, so good. The cashews add extra protein and creakiness... Will have to remember. I like to add a splash of coconut cream to mine but make it similiarly. Gosh I haven't made kofta in ages, will have to do so soon!

Love the texts... :))

You rock, mama❣️❣️❣️ Only you can turn a post about last night's dinner into an entertaining beautiful and amusing post about family, connection, and humour. Loved this! Now I feel like curry... and a hug 😊🙃😊

Hope you have had a wonderful weekend and that the dreaded C word disappears soon from your family homes.

I read in the other comments to this post that you have lost your writing mojo 😢 Join the club, my friend. I am finally working on something myself again. Let's see how it goes... glad to see you have written another Ink Well - I look forward to reading it 💗


@riverflows! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @samsmith1971. (3/10)

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Ha yes but writing mojo didn't disappear entirely... Set to work and magic happened and people seem to like it, phew!

Thanks for being so kind... A food post is a bit boring without a story, huh?