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A nice healthy recipe of sweet coconut candies are popular both among kids and adults💚

When I cooked it for the first time some days ago, I didn't expect it would be SO tasty.

I'm a fan of healthy sugarfree tasty desserts, so I know many recipes of this kind, but early I saw only combination of coconut + dried fruits.

This times I wanted to get something like well-known Bounty inside;) - I mean pure coconut candies (without chocolate).

But how to get it? Coconut flakes are dry, and without dried fruits it is not sticky at all!

there is one secret!✨*

We need to blend it with plant milk, and after blendering, all coconut fats will go out and they will help to sticl coconut flakes in the form of candies!

So we need:

  • coconut flakes (200g)

  • plant milk (3 tb.sp.)

  • Jerusalem artichoke syrup

When we blend them all together we get coconut "dough" that is perfect for making candies!

and that's what we get!


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They look like snowflakes, I didn't know that a syrup was made from the artichoke, delicious

it was a surprise for me too, a veggie that tastes like potatoe (when it's cooked) can be so sweet!